Creating magic with different Cuisine


Executive Chef Kiran Suvarna, Le Méridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa share his innovatory dessert curated by the fusion of Mithai and Bakery with Hospitality Lexis November issue

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

“Mithais are something that is loved by all generations” Chef Kiran says-I personally like playing with different types of cuisines to blend into one single dish that sometimes create something magical, when mithais are blended with some sort of pastries, cakes or dessert items that simply leaves the guests amazed. When we talk about Indian Mithai’s are mainly Milk-based and other variations are with gram flours, Nuts, Sweet vegetables and fruits with added sugar are mainly used to make Halwa’s and Murraba’s.

The texture, flavours, taste, colour, fragrance/ aromas are very different from each other. Hence these wide range and varieties of mithai’s allow us chefs to use them quite easily in our menus or even blend them with other pastries, desserts or cakes. Once you say Indian Mithais first thing comes to our minds are of Milk-based, my personal favourite dessert is called Deconstructed Textures of Milk.

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