“Cultivating Artistry: Lexicon IHM Pune’s Chocolate-Making Workshop Shapes  Future Hospitality Leaders with Industry-Ready Skills” 


Pune, March 2024: Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management (Lexicon IHM), committed to its ethos of being ‘By  the Hoteliers, For the Hoteliers,’ recently orchestrated a Chocolate-Making Workshop led by Chef Danish  Khan, Executive Pastry Chef at Conrad Pune. This initiative underscores our close collaboration with the  Hospitality industry to ensure our students receive industry-relevant knowledge directly from seasoned  professionals. Our goal is to equip them with the skills necessary to seamlessly integrate into hotel  environments upon graduation. 

“Lexicon IHM is proud to pioneer immersive learning experiences like our recent  Chocolate-Making Workshop, uniting industry expertise with student passion. By fostering innovation and  hands-on skill development, we’re shaping tomorrow’s hospitality leaders, equipped to navigate and excel in  an ever-evolving landscape.” 

Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, &  EasyRecruit+,

Chef Danish Khan commenced the workshop with a comprehensive overview of chocolate’s history and its  diverse varieties. Participants were then immersed in practical demonstrations, gaining hands-on experience  with essential techniques and specialized equipment used in chocolate crafting. 

Throughout the workshop, students refined their chocolate-making abilities, learning to master tempering  techniques and exploring innovative methods for embellishing chocolates with intricate designs and edible  paints. They also delved into the art of filling chocolates with ganache, caramel, and dried fruits. Chef Danish  explained the students about Couverture chocolate, emphasizing its higher cocoa butter content, which,  when combined with proper tempering, imparts the chocolate with a glossy appearance, a firm “snap” upon  breaking, and a creamy, mellow flavor. 

The session was characterized by active student engagement, with participants posing questions and  seeking clarification on various aspects. Chef Danish Khan’s expert guidance further enhanced their  understanding and proficiency in chocolate craftsmanship. 

“Lexicon IHM provides state-of-the art facilities that empower aspiring hoteliers to excel in their culinary journey, navigating the arena of  hospitality with ease. It was a wonderful experience to teach such an interactive class. Their enthusiasm and  eagerness to learn were truly inspiring.” 

Chef Danish Khan, Executive Pastry Chef, Conrad Pune, remarked,

Lexicon IHM remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment through such  initiatives. These workshops not only ignite creativity but also equip students with the knowledge, skills, and  confidence needed to emerge as leaders in the ever-evolving hospitality sector. Stay tuned for more!