Department of Tourism, Govt. Of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation hosts Landwehr Orchestra in Mumbai


~Landwehr Orchestra makes their debut in India ~

Mumbai, 23rd October 2018: Music plays an integral part of life and has no boundaries. As their ongoing quest to promote art and culture, Department of Tourism, Govt. of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) brings the first ever Landwehr Orchestra of Fribourg in Mumbai at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay on 22nd October 2018. This concert aims to celebrate the vivacious history of The Landwehr and the citizens of Switzerland.

Landwehr of Fribourg is the certified concert and marching band of the canton and city of Fribourg. With a strong legacy starting in the year 1804, the orchestra is constantly expanding new musical horizons. They have been able to develop their ensemble into a world-class orchestra. The musicians are united by harmony and friendship. The band has performed in numerous countries and has traveled across the world captivating the audience with their world-class music. One of the remarkable features of the band is that the musicians wear the same uniform worn by the troops of Fribourg since 1858. This, however, stands in contrast to their futuristic music meant to inspire the listener. Now Landwehr of Fribourg is making its debut in India this year from 13th to 25th October 2018. The works of the wind orchestra displays a wide spectrum of performances ranging from descriptive pieces to street music. The performance encapsulates the agenda of the biennial public diplomacy movement ‘70 years of Swiss- Indian Friendship, Connecting Minds Inspiring the Future.’ This campaign was launched in 2017 by the Hon’ble President of Switzerland to rejoice the 70 years of Indo-Swiss relation. As a way to give back to the society, the Landwehr also focuses on musical education to children aged between 4 and 6.

Maharashtra, also has a rich legacy of music and culture. The state has rich folk heritage which includes Bharud, Gondhal, Lavani and Powada. One of semi-classical music forms of Maharashtra is the 200-year-old tradition of “Natya Sangeet.” The state is also home to many globally acclaimed artists and Maharashtra Tourism constantly offers a platform to various artists across the world through various festivals such as Kalidas Festival, Elephanta Festival, Mumbai Shopping Festival, and Ajanta & Ellora Festival to name a few. MTDC has encouraged steps in making a stage dedicated to performers where patrons from around the world come and explore their talent.

Commenting on the occasion, Shri Jaykumar Rawal, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra said, “Music is a thread that binds everyone together breaking boundaries and race. It is a great honour for us to be able to host Landwehr Orchestra for a lifetime experience. I would like to give a special mention to all the artists in this fest who have entertained us through their skilful performances. I feel the success of the band is testament to the art.”

Shri Madan Yerawar, Hon’ble State Tourism Minister, Government of Maharashtra said, “It is our privilege to host The Landwehr and its very talented musicians. Music is a form of art that has connected people from all over the world for centuries and will continue to do so. This concert will give the people of Maharashtra an insight into the rich and vibrant history of The Landwehr and the people of Switzerland.”

Shri Vijay Kumar Gautam (IAS), Principal Secretary, Tourism, Government of Maharashtra added, “I am extremely proud to be amongst such distinct people with artistic excellence. Landwehr of Fribourg, as we all know, is a globally acknowledged and appreciated entity and we are proud to be associated with them. The large orchestra with over 90 musicians creating an experience second to none provides an opportunity for a grand indulgence. While the orchestra and band have created music to entertain people, what is most notable is that they have utilised their skills for charity and to cheer many troops patrolling the borders of their countries.”

Commenting on the occasion, Shri Suhas Diwase (IAS), Managing Director, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) said, “It is my pleasure to witness the performance of Landwehr who have created a memorable experience for all of us. I felt an instant connect with the artists of Landwehr of Fribourg and through our association we have showcased the highest level of musical concert which is the aim for any performer. We look forward to an endearing relationship and to attain even more extraordinary results in the years ahead.”

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