Diksha Khandelwal Wins Gold Medal in Plated Dessert Competition at Aahar 2024


The Indian Culinary Forum’s Plated Dessert competition saw a dazzling display of culinary talent, with Diksha Khandelwal clinching the gold medal. The event took place at the India Pavilion in Pragati Maidan, Delhi, during the Aahar 2024 Food Fair, where companies from India and abroad showcased their products.

The Aahar 2024 Food Fair, aimed at promoting the trade of food and beverage products, attracted a large number of visitors. With over 80 plus hotels,institutes and companies from 18 countries participating, the event featured the launch and display of new products, making it a significant platform for the food and beverage industry.

Diksha Khandelwal, the winner of the Plated Dessert competition, expressed her excitement and gratitude, stating, “I feel incredibly thrilled and humbled to be honored with the gold medal in Plated Dessert by the esteemed Indian Culinary Forum. I am thankful for the support and guidance I received from Vivek Saggar, Balendra Singh, Chef Tarun, Sirish Saxena, Ravi Mashi, and Chef Prashant during this journey.”

She further extended her gratitude to the Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts for their exceptional dedication and expertise. “This achievement would not have been possible without their encouragement and guidance. I feel grateful and inspired to continue my passion for culinary excellence. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey.”

The event showcased the passion and dedication of individuals like Diksha Khandelwal, highlighting the excellence in culinary arts. The Indian Culinary Forum’s Plated Dessert competition, as part of Aahar 2024, served as a platform to celebrate and recognize the talents in the culinary world.