Discover the history and evolution of classic recipes with Ranveer Brar on #MainPakaunga


India, July 12th, 2022: TakaTak by Moj has launched its third food series with the Celebrated Chef, Ranveer Brar, that is set to take foodies on a historical food journey with #MainPakaunga. Validating some legends and busting a few myths while adding a serving of his own opinion, Chef Ranveer Brar will enlighten everyone about the origins and accidents that led to the creation of our favorite dishes. In a diverse country like India, each region has its history, culinary art, and unique flavourful recipes. The short video series – #MainPakaunga, will bring alive some of these recipes and the stories connected to them and will go live every Saturday at 7 pm until the 27th of August. The first two series under the food IP #BawarchiBrar saw high engagements, with Bachpan ka Pyaar witnessing 1.6B views and Desi Jugaad garnering 71M views.

“At TakaTak by Moj, we are always looking at opportunities to create relatable & relevant content and nothing connects better with our audiences’ hearts than a food IP with our star creator and renowned Chef Ranveer Brar. The first two series – Desi Jugaad and Bachpan ka Pyaar – under Bawarchi Brar were loved by young food enthusiasts on our platform and we are very excited to serve our third edition #MainPakaunga for all those who wish to make cooking fun & learn some interesting facts about their favourite recipes.”

Parul Menghani – VP & Head of Content at TakaTak by Moj,

“I am super excited to kickstart this campaign and engage with the foodies, especially the GenZ’s who are enthusiastic about history. I’m happy to share the rich legacy of some of the most famous dishes worldwide through the power of internet & short video apps like TakaTak by Moj. With an intent to bust myths, share recipes and sustain the journey of dishes from the dawn of time, #MainPakaunga holds a very special place in my heart.”

celebrity chef Ranveer Brar

With the idea – Khaana toh pak gaya, but aap pakka nahi pakenge – the flavorful episodes will change the way foodies think of food recipes, reigniting their enthusiasm for classic foods.

About TakaTak by Moj:

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