Diwali: From Enjoyment at Home to Outstation Celebration of Festivities


Related imageDiwali being just around the corner, the entire nation seems agog with excitement. Quite naturally, at this time of the year, people binge on delicious food and sweets, besides enjoying card parties and a wide array of other activities. Needless to say, Diwali is one of the most-loved festivals in India. Traditionally, the Festival of Lights is all about families and friends getting together, but with passing years, trends have been gradually changing. This year has depicted a new trend for couples and individuals enjoying a holiday break as a part of the festivities.

It has been observed that people are now more inclined towards traveling with their families or solo, rather than staying at home. There are various reasons for this emerging trend. One reason is the rise of impulse travel, typically triggered when people realize there are multiple days in hand as holidays. In which case, many travel lovers prefer to pack their bags and choose a holiday destination to relax and rejuvenate. Secondly, with the easy availability of quality-controlled, beautiful living spaces, travelers have donned their explorer hats while undertaking new adventures.

An analysis by OYO reveals that there has been a 190% rise in pre-bookings during the Diwali period as compared to the same time last year. OYO anticipates that this spike will touch nearly 250% as the festive week draws closer. Solo travel has emerged as a surprising trend as South Asia’s largest hotel chain has recorded a whopping 110% increase in the number of independent bookings by guests while couple travel is recording a 96% increase year-on-year. The data recorded by OYO revealed Goa as the top destination among travelers receiving the highest bookings this Diwali followed by Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Nainital, and Udaipur. Across the period of Q4, OYO recorded a magnanimous increase of 180% in the number of bookings depicting it to be the most preferred accommodation choice of travelers.

The most exciting element – hospitality companies are welcoming travelers and playing an instrumental role in making customers feel at home. OYO – South Asia’s largest and world’s fastest growing chain of hotels, homes and living spaces – offers avenues such as OYO Home and OYO Townhouse, providing the privacy of a house while being a great spot to enjoy the festivities with families and friends.

* OYO’s booking trends reveal a 190% increase in bookings during the Diwali period in comparison to the last year* (see footer)

* Records 2.8x Y-o-Y increase in bookings during Q4

* Couple travellers have increased by 96%

* Goa has topped the charts as the most-preferred holiday destination, second only to Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Nainital, and Udaipur

* Solo travel has seen an incredible increase of 110%