Dr.Nitin Shankar Nagrale Penned a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Dr.Nitin Shankar Nagrale, Founder and General Secretary, HPMF has written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking aid for the Indian Hospitality industry. Indian hospitality industry is among the top industries which are worst affected by the corona outbreak. In his letter, he thanked Mr.Modi and appreciated his leadership and steps taken by the government to win the battle against the deadly virus.
By mentioning the size of the industry he has written ‘Sir, as you know that the Hospitality Industry is much bigger in India and providing jobs to millions and generating foreign revenue for the country with dignity. Our Indian Hospitality is best in the world and showing Indian tradition and culture to the whole world.’


Points on which Dr.Nagrale wants the government to provide aids are:

1. Protect the jobs and salaries of the purchasing professionals of the hospitality industry. This is the immediate concern of the hospitality industry to look after employees’ safety/welfare and continued payment of salaries and wages.
2. Build a social security network in India and initiate Job insurance schemes.
3. Soft Loan with a minimum rate of Interest for long period Under Credit Guarantee Scheme.
4. Reduce GST rate for a minimum of the 2-year period in the Hospitality Sector.
5. Provide an opportunity to work with various Government Departments Like Railways,
Tourism, Health, Air India, Metro and Airports, MSME, Including Ayush, Culture,
Startups because we have a much-experienced team of more than 5000 people.
6. Secure small businesses by giving them enough credit flow, tax holidays and shifting entire
China import and factories in India with rapid speed. Please help us and create a solid Task
Force to energize Indian small and medium scale industries.
7. Develop eco, rural, train and Indian tourist circuit to revive the sector within without being over-dependent on foreign travellers.
8. Support small vendors under MSME Schemes, and Agriculture, Horticulture departments.
a. Relief in cash flow and easy credit.
b. Schemes and support to fast revival of their business
c. Help build their capabilities
d. Provide Insurance coverage for the unprecedented losses

Last week, while interacting with Hospibuz.com Dr.Nagrale had expressed his desire to support the government with his enormous team of HPMF. HPMF has 3600+ members across the country in Hotels, Restaurants, Catering companies and Airlines.

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