Durga Art Installations at ITC Royal Bengal & ITC Sonar


A homage to the inspiration of Bengal’s artisans who mould the traditional divine form that graces Puja pandals every Autumn. Made from clay, earth, and bamboo, it represents the age-old process of creation.  In the  ITC Royal Bengal’s  art installation the face of the eternal Mother Goddess emerges from an alpona adorned clay wall, while the hands of the artisans are shown immersed in the different aspects of their art.

ITC Sonar celebrate the age old art from the region Patachitra Taking mythology and folk traditions as its subject the form expands on its divine themes in rich vibrant colours. Here the Mother Goddess is with her children, in the act of defeating the Asur, heralding the triumph of good over evil.  

Celebrating Durga Pujo, ITC Royal Bengal & ITC  Sonar pays tribute to the crafts of West Bengal. A tribute to multiple artisans who toil endlessly to uphold and present unforgettable works of art, in keeping with ITC Hotels philosophy of Responsible Luxury.