Eight New Year’s Resolutions to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise


2020 is right here! Amidst all the celebrations, there would be few resolutions swirling around in your mind, leaving you wondering what resolutions you can actually manage to keep and follow this time.

You are not alone. Most people have awful track records when it comes to New Year resolutions. A US study estimated that an astounding 80% people are unable to meet their New Year goals.

But worry not, as there’s something you can actually do differently in 2020.

The first question to settle is what goals you actually want to achieve through these self-promises. Most resolutions are aimed at three things – to be healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Around 55% of New Year resolutions are health related, and the next in line are those that helps the pockets to be a little fuller.

However, setting lofty resolutions with unrealistic expectations results in them crashing sooner than later. To be able to tick the check boxes of your resolution list, the trick is to aim right and to try breaking the habits that’s preventing you from achieving them.

Here are eight super habit-forming New Year resolutions you can surely aim and be healthier wealthier and wiser in 2020.

· When it comes to being fitter – Just do it. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of your fitness goals. So, don’t theorize in your mind that you will go for that jog. Just do it. Keep smaller goals, build a thought-out plan, and most importantly, just be consistent. You don’t require much thinking for that friendly jog.

· Say No to the wrong things when it comes to food. Food is something we all love, and we just can’t compromise when it comes to taste. Despite all the information overload about nutrition, the diet plans are hard to follow and don’t seem to work. We know what’s healthy; what is required that we say a firm “No” every time to everything unhealthy. Say no to second helpings or keep them very small. Our body needs only as much food as we usually get with first serving. Second and third helpings only contribute to overeating.

· Quench your thirst to boost health and energy. Hydration is essential but watch out what you are drinking. Water is a great cleansing agent and a major source of micronutrients and minerals. However, today’s RO or bottled water are not necessarily fortified with minerals in the right amount. Fortunately, there is a game changing functional nutrient water like Evocus which provides superior hydration and detoxification, while also improving the body’s metabolism, adding to our energy.

· Want to be richer? Save first. Follow the thumb rule: Save 20% of what you earn. Seems steep? In case you can’t, do get into the habit of saving. There are a host of apps to track your expenses, which you can use to plan your savings.

· Skill yourself. There’s never a wrong time to learn a new skill. While degrees make you eligible for a certain position or job, various skillsets help in taking you to places. There are a host of online and offline courses available to help you learn the right skillsets.

· Beat that smartphone addiction. These days many smartphones and apps are coming-up with “Zen Modes” or warning messages highlighting overuse of mobile phones. Give yourself a 10-minute break after every 40-60 minutes of smartphone usage. Even while you are binge watching your favourite web series on OTT platforms, give yourself that conventional healthy TV Break.

· Beat stress with meditation and by following sleep hygiene. Sleep right for an agile mind. Your bed is meant to sleep. Keep other objects including mobile phones off your bed. Keep the lights dim, ensure noise free surrounding, and most importantly, be consistent with your wake-sleep time. Quality sleep helps in reducing stress levels. So, does meditation. Factor in 20 minutes every day for meditation. The best advisable time is before you go to sleep or just after you have woken-up.

· Boost your morale by being socially responsible. Simple resolutions can bring about a change within and outside you. Say yes to easy donations. You may go ahead and tick the donation box on food apps or other online shopping apps every time you order something. Become a green warrior. Pollution is impacting our health and prosperity adversely. Simple practices such as increasing the use of public transport, turning of the engine when stationary, avoiding one-time use plastics as much possible, saving electricity and water wherever we can, and so on, would not only make us better citizens but also save us more money. Be kind to stray animals. An act of kindness to a stray animal with some food and water can be a noble New Year resolution to keep.