Elanpro introduce Smart and Connected solutions at Aahar, 2020


· Launches Elanpro’s first IOT enabled platform – Connected Refrigerator

· Forays into vending machine business; Launches AI enabled Smart Visi Cooler

· Plans to expand aggressively in the Retail & FnB sector

New Delhi, March 7, 2020: Reiterating its commitment to provide versatile solutions to the foodservice industry, Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, unveiled Next-Gen Connected Refrigerator, Elanpro’s first IOT enabled Smart Hub platform at AAHAR, 2020. The company also announced its foray in the vending machine business with the launch of First Smart AI cooler. This offering is part of Elanpro’s strategic alliance agreement with Vendekin, a Pune based vending ecosystem startup.

A market research by the top management of the brand found that distribution of temperature sensitive products like milk, ice-cream, flavored yogurt and other dairy items had multiple roadblocks with a majority occurring due to inadequate monitoring. Addressing this concern, the brand has introduced Next-Gen Connected Refrigerators. It is an IOT enabled platform that allows retail and kirana store operators monitor the temperature through Smart Hub. The platform allows to monitor 20 equipment installed in store at a time. It is equipped with intuitive alert feature that raises an alarm on diagnosis of a problem.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, “We are adopting smart and connected technologies to revolutionize the Indian Refrigeration market for the food service industry. With the introduction of new IOT enabled Smart Hub, we aim to give a superlative experience to the retailers and kirana store operators along with pharama industry.”

Elanpro also launched India’s First Artificial Intelligence enabled Visi Cooler. Developed post the strategic alliance agreement with Vendekin, a digital platform that enables smart vending ecosystem for buyers and sellers, Smart Visi Coolers are intelligent self-service equipment. The product is introduced with the aim of making shopping easier in labour void places. Equipped with a video surveillance system for monitoring and electronic lock system for safety, the new-age vending machine accepts digital payment.

The agreement between Elanpro and Vendekin aims for the promotion of “V-Commerce” business for various sectors like FMCG Retail and HoReCa. Under this agreement, the two companies have agreed to integrate the expertise and jointly develop the business.

Speaking about the strategic alliance Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, “We are thrilled about this partnership. With this alliance we are intending to expand our footprint in the cosmopolitan retail sector. We plan to integrate our refrigeration solutions with Vendekin’s innovative technology to bring a never thought before dispensable products.”

The alliance will strengthen Elanpro’s presence in the emerging vending machine market for the retail industry.