Empowerment of hospitality graduates towards Professionals


There are several policies and flagship modules and theories to focus on improving the ready-to-deliver aptitude of the budding hospitality soldiers gearing up for their role personified. The mushrooming of hotel schools replicating its success in the tourism and hospitality sector has a sense of investing in the future. Even if it can be said that the enrolment by choice or, chance has taken a multi disciplinary stride extended it to hotels, tourism, software, armed forces, banks, HR, sales and marketing, BPOs, further studies and the crème de la crème the entrepreneurs. The knowhow prompted by the hospitality educators and facilitators, by large and the reduction of drop out to the core competent sectors.

Many aspects of the hospitality working environment are difficult to predict and a new parameter to assess. With the best possible use of the curriculum space the emphasis on practical and industry centric techniques can be drafted so as to acknowledge the anticipated work-ship during the absorption into the industry exposing them to the risks or accountability normally associated with their association.  

The interface with key senior industry professionals at an individual level should include one to one hangout session towards insight to the present industry operations and the challenges thereof. The mere mindset of student’s minimum appointment or career advancement for managerial positions once graduating from institute should be broadened for the student’s development. Needless to say experience counts. An employee with experience is preferred for the job or promotion against any graduate or, fresher but one reason for the same could be the fresher’s being treated with suspicion of delivery at the interview. It is the therefore necessity of the hour also to counsel the industry that hospitality graduates ARE GROOMED for innumerable forms of business.  

Not the perfect asked for solution but “Intrapreneurship refers to employee initiatives in organizations to undertake something new, without being asked to do so.”  Thus, intrapreneurs are inside entrepreneurs who follow the goal of the organization.  At some point an entrepreneurial venture reaches a status of an established business. What that point is arguable. Some definitions specify a break – even point when a business is no longer in its entrepreneurial stage. While reaching a point of “being there” in the growth of Intrapreneurship – fostering entrepreneurism within established organizations. Several implications for both hospitality educators and practitioners are also crucial deterrents in shaping the empowerment drive.

Intrapreneurism as a field is just reaching a more stable point in growth itself. The composite comparative duo entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on common challenges has been limited and varied to the mind set definition, but has the potential for providing substantial synergy for both efforts. Eleven tenements’ to empower could be as follows:

  1. Students’ class plan

 An exercise prevalent and most commonly known as Teacher’s Lesson Plan for any session or semester and submitted for academic purpose, can be designed for the students’ use in particular for their ready use, so that apart from their hustle of hopping classroom they are mentally on the lecture or demo receiving end.

  1. Students’ in-service, on-the-job training

Every time one says Practice makes a man perfect, we say we are perfect then why practice. It is important to keep abreast with the latest at least practical soundness of the area of performance later to-be area of specialization. It is the in-institute training that could make good.

  1. Tie up with industry

Off to school. We are getting groomed for the greener pasture; so needless to say, not necessarily after appointment but mere weekend engagements whilst the curriculum is on can do wonders especially a thorough eye-wash to the mightier side of operation.

  1. Demo and Hangout Sessions with industry experts

They who have already shown their worth and are continuing to shower their mettle to meet the goal and objectives of the organization and self can be the best reference material for any budding student to talk about what is what, how, why, when, where, how long, how much and AND ME!!

  1. Syllabus should be 25th century focused

It is for all academicians and the persistent ancient robust syllabi that today necessitate the super (moony extent) up gradation of it in tune with at least yester world if not today. We still talk of things our fore fathers used to. Good to know about them but why not update the same and cause positive comparison.

  1. Simulation

Go real. You need to drive to know how to drive. If it were only possible with innumerable cook shows on air, it would be a switch away to fetch a culinary degree. You get close to something edible for the effort undergone. Jokes apart! All learning is worthwhile when it is mocked real

  1. Online assignments

Time and tide don’t wait for anyone. Just do it. All these relate to a common goal of assignment submission in time. When you save on time, esp paper but the purpose addressed, it means a lot and sort of standardization to work on through the home work or case studies both explorative and at times experimental.

  1. No attendance, only grade card score

Being physically present and mentally absent does good to none. So mere attendance for the sake of calculation and documentation can be exempted and assignment, assessment and examination score can be the criteria to be sure one who possesses the degree, professes it.

  1. Entrench operational teams from time-to time

Team building is an assertive option in any sphere of life. The combination and the number game don’t have a stipulated formulae but it works its bit. Rightly used permutation and combination at workplace has always proven a tried and tested effective and efficient one with all of us.

  1. Core students’ team for guiding juniors

 Also known as Peer Aided Learning helps the seniors to brush up their acumen and polish their self by keeping in touch with the basics and combining with their practical and administrative know how to deliver something asked for. The juniors at the same time get a all the more experience in the hands of their seniors.

  1. I am ready for the world

Just Jump. Everything will be just fine. 

The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.

By Benjamin Disraeli