Enjoy Culture Evenings at Amal Tamara


Get Ready to be mesmerized by mythology brought to life by the traditional bells of Kathakali dancers at Amal Tamara. Lose yourself in the melodious ragas of Indian classical musicians. Be amazed at the performance of Kalari martial artists, as their clanking swords catch the glimmer of the setting sun at Amal Tamara. Art will play healer through the skillful artistry of traditional dancers, musicians, and martial artists.

About Amal Tamara: 

Amal Tamara is a luxury holistic wellness Ayurvedic center. Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, every programme at Amal Tamara is carefully designed to offer privacy, tranquility, authentic programmes, diets, exercise and meditation regimes for a truly transformative experience. For each Amal Yatri, the goal will be to equip each individual with an understanding of lifestyle changes that will allow them to carry wellness wisdom home with them. 

Amal Tamara offers 8 curative programmes to choose from, immersive experiences such as, but not limited to, kathakali dance, a backwater cruise, village tour as well as a customized food menu to suit each individual’s dietary and health requirements.

Contact : +91 477 2250300

Reservation : [email protected] 

Address : Ponnad PO, Mannanchery,

Alappuzha, Kerala – 688538, India.

Website :  https://amaltamara.com/