Enjoy the beat of Moojic.


HospiBuz Desk

Neha Behani is Co-Founder of Moojic, an innovative radio and jukebox service for retail stores, restaurants, gyms saloons etc. They offer a radio platform which can be customised. It can manage your preferential playlists across any number of stores. This service can be used to create branded radio services across the chain of stores. It helps in creating sound bytes and making instant announcements too. Moojic is one of the fastest growing startups in the Indian Tech Industry.

Neha behani co-founded Moojic with Kumaran Mahendra. They came up with this unique concept of amazing and interactive music in the hands of the customers. This concept ensures that customers will be able to play the music of their own choice with just a tap on their smartphones. Earlier their two products failed which demotivated them to a greater extent but then one day sitting in a cafe they realized lack of music and from there they came up with the idea of Moojic.

Neha says she faced many problems in her startup. They main problem was limited sources and unlimited wants. They wanted to hire talented people to work for their startup but it’s not easy to get such people in startups. Secondly maintaining with the dynamism of the world was difficult for her which made this sector quite challenging for her. She says that her multi tasking skill is what has kept her keep running in this sector and has made Moojic quite successful. She believes that it’s never too late and people should open their startups. They just need to take their first step and the rest will follow.