Enjoy the Ease of Push-Turn Control for your Bath or Shower with the GROHE SmartControl Concealed


Space is a valuable commodity and often in short supply. It becomes a challenge for planners and installers to use it effectively. No easy task, especially in the shower area where space is often at a premium. With its concealed installation and exceedingly slim design, the GROHE SmartControl Concealed offers more space under the shower without compromising on functionality or comfort. It offers additional benefits of a practical kind: cleaning becomes faster and more convenient, thanks to the flat, streamlined design. It combines with a wide range of head and hand showers to give you all the design flexibility you need.

GROHE SmartControl Concealed packs a lot of performance into a compact space, with a wall plate that is only 10mm deep and controls that reach only 43mm from the wall. It also includes an integrated sealing system, ensuring that no water penetrates the wall.

One can regulate up to three showers with just one trim with SmartControl Concealed. Up to three SmartControl valves, plus a thermostat or mixer, can be put in one trim with a GROHE Rapido SmartBox, allowing you to control two head shower sprays and a hand shower all in one place.

Switching between showerheads or combining them isn’t the only thing made easy by SmartControl Concealed. The integrated volume control offers precise control of water flow. Pushing the button starts or stops the flow, and a simple turn alters the volume. With easy-to-read, intuitive symbols it couldn’t be easier to operate.

Everything about the GROHE SmartControl Concealed is tailored to create a great shower – even the aesthetics. It comes in two different shapes – round or square – and two different finishes – chic chrome and a thoroughly modern Moon White acrylic glass.

Website: www.grohe.co.in


GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings and has a total of over 7,000 employees in 150 countries. In order to offer “Pure Freude an Wasser”, every GROHE product is based on the brand values of quality, technology, design and sustainability. Renowned highlights

such as GROHE Eurosmart or the GROHE thermostat series as well as groundbreaking innovations such as the GROHE Blue water system underline the brand’s profound expertise. Focused on customer needs, GROHE thus creates intelligent, life-enhancing and sustainable product solutions that offer relevant added value – and bear the “Made in Germany” seal of quality: R&D and design are firmly anchored as an integrated process in Germany. GROHE takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and focuses on a resource-saving value chain. Since April 2020, the sanitary brand has been producing CO2-neutral* worldwide. GROHE has also set itself the goal of using plastic-free product packaging by 2021.