Enjoy your Christmas at 36Lebzlter


Lebzelter, a community from Germany, extremely popular for their bakery and cafe even when a business in bakery was not the marketed one. Under Hitler’s rule, the community went underground and after Hitler kicked the bucket, the Lebzelter’s opened the first bakery in the world.

Bakery is celebrating sucessful 5 years anniversary. 36Lebzelter is very much popular among children , not only children but poor kids and families who don’t have anything to eat. Mr. Deepak Purohit decided to celebrate with poor and abandoned children.

This Christmas Some of the products on plum cakes, ginger cookies and Christmas cupcakes.

Like the Lebzelter community, the restaurant thrives to offer innovative items and innovative blends. They have made and kept up enthusiasm for their offerings by various fusion food. They believe in giving their guests the best quality nourishment cooked under sterile conditions at a sensible expense with the best neighborliness. They assure to serve quality and endeavor to go the extra mile to put a smile on the face of their customer