Epic Statue: God of war


HospiBuz Desk

If you are fond of warriors and their sacrifices for their people and they had sacrificed their whole life for them, then I must say you definitely should visit this massive and epic statue of “GUAN YU” in East Asian country of China. China is a nation, which has a vast landscape, grasslands, mountains, lakes, deserts, rivers and a coastline of approximately 15,000 kilometers. It is a nation which mixes historical sites with modern architecture.

The statue of Guan Yu is a pure architectural as well as an engineering marvel. It is situated in the Jinzhou city of China. This is a gigantic structure weighing 1320 tons and 58 meters (190 feet) high from the sea level.  The statue of Guan Yu contains 4000 pure bronze strips in it. This statue carried an axe like weapon which is called Green Dragon Crescent Blade, which has been immortalized with him as part of the statue. As per history of this Chinese God of War, it is believed that the original weight of green dragon crescent blade is 18.25 kilograms when he used to fight many wars with it and in the statue, it is weighted more than 136 tons.

This statue had been unveiled in the year 2016 and it was designed by the very famous Chinese artist named Han Meilin. Han Meilin is very famous for his work at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This statue is purely dedicated to the very famous Chinese god of war Guan Yu and it is very attractive as well as very benefitting landmark on the skyline of China’s Jinzhou city.

Guan Yu was a very famous and brave Chinese military general, which now holds this gigantic statue of the god of war. Guan Yu is worshipped in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and in many other East Asian countries. The gigantic statue of Guan Yu is one of the very famous landmarks, which is a must visit place for every photography and culture addict out there.