EsselWorld Kicks Off Summer Carnival 2019


Amazing summer fun adventures await you at EsselWorld’s uniquely designed experiential and themed clusters – Mithu’s Fantasia, Andy’s Sport Spot & Rikki’s Rumble in the Jungle

Summer is here!! And it is the perfect time to have some fun and escape back to the amazing world of EsselWord Summer Carnival. The 2019 edition of EsselWorld Summer Carnival has ultimate experiences, power-packed entertainment and unlimited fun in store for everyone. EsselWorld Summer Carnival is bigger and better this year as it presents to all themed experiential zones that will suit to the entertainment and fun needs of all EsselWorld patrons. A host of activities await the guests at these thematic clusters – Mithu’s Fantasia, Andy’s Sport Spot & Rikki’s Rumble in the Jungle

Activities & Entertainment @ Mithu’s Fantasia are:

1. Clay creativity Workshop with Kores India

The creative and engaging clay moulding workshop is a fun DIY activity planned by Kores India with their in-house range of modeling clays and stencils. The workshop themes are creatively inspired and touch different child-friendly topics in an educational and artistic way, which includes all the Kores India clay supplies.

The workshop is open in different batches throughout the day from Friday – Sunday.

Time: 11AM – 7.30 PM

2. Induct yourself or your child to the creative and peaceful process of Pottery. Understand and learn the hand building techniques of working with clay and get familiar with the potter’s wheel. The workshop also covers basic glazing and surface decoration techniques.  The Pottery Workshops are held from Friday to Sunday. The workshop is conducted by experienced pottery experts and you can take away home your own handcrafted creation. The registration fee is inclusive of all the pottery supply that one will use in the workshop. Different batches starting from 11 AM to 7.30PM are available.

3. The Drum Circle

The Drum Circle is a unique group activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The rhythmic and energetic activity helps instill concentration, boosts morale and has many psychological benefits attached to it apart from being super fun and interactive.

Designed and led by leading Consulting Health Psychologist, Dr. Anand Godse, the Drum Circle will also helps in taking risks and shedding inhibitions, deepening one’s listening skills, respecting space, silence and sound and also realising and releasing one’s passion.

The Drum Circle will be held at Central Circle, Mithu Fantasia at EsselWorld

Activity Time: 4.35PM, 6.15 PM & 7.15 PM

Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

4. Celebrity Magician Jaikumar Malani with his team will now showcase unbelievable magic tricks at the EsselWorld Summer Carnival 2019. After 25 accomplished years in the field of magic and illusion the Guinness World record holder is here to mesmerise the visitors in the enchanting world of magic.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday @ 6.45 PM & 7.45 PM

Dose of Art & Acts @ Rikki’s Rumble in the Jungle are:

1. An interactive Drawing & Painting Workshop with KOKUYO CAMLIN

This workshop by India’s leading stationery and art supply brand Kokuyo Camlin will introduce varied concepts of drawing and painting ranging from Abstract, Still, Portrait, Water Colour Painting, Acrylic painting, Oil painting, Knife painting and more. A different art form and technique will be taught by leading art experts in different sessions spanned across every weekend. This workshop will help your children explore the little artists in them as they create their very own masterpieces that they can take away home as momentos. The workshop includes all the Kokuyo Camlin art supplies as well.

You can choose to enroll for any session starting from 11 AM – 7.30PM on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

2. The Mallakhamb Artist India Team from the Semi Finals of India’s Got Talent Season 8 will also be performing at the EsselWorld Summer Carnival 2019. This talented team of artists have also performed an amazing act in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Bharat.

Acquaint yourself to this ancient technique of Indian gymnastics and witness the famous act of these performers every Friday, Saturday & Sunday  at 4.45 PM, 6.30PM & 7.20PM 

The Action packed Acts at Andy’s Sport Spot:

Witness unbelievable bike stunts that will leave you gasping for more. These India’s and Bollywood’s leading Freestyle Bike Stunts Riders will soar the temperatures higher this summer. The daredevil acts will give you your dose of adrenaline rush by simply spectating their hardcore performance.

Don’t miss the action packed entertainment on Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 3.45 PM & 6.05 PM     

Prices of the workshops- starting Rs.100 onwards.

EsselWorld Summer Carnival 2019 Address: EsselWorld and Water Kingdom, Gorai Village, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400091