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Hospitality Lexis feels inspired to cover new faces from the industry, the Exclusive interview with Chef Reetika Gill

Hospitality Lexis / Print Edition November 2019

Curry Singh Kitchen at Gurgaon is curated by well-known chef Reetika Gill which serves the “Real & traditional Punjabi cuisine”. Keeping the flag high Curry Singh Kitchen creates soulful, sumptuous food making generous use of a few regular spices like Brown cardamom, Tej Patta, Coriander, Ajwain, Cumin & Black pepper and sparingly using spices like Clove, Cinnamon, Green cardamom, and Fennel. In conversation with Chef and Owner of Curry Singh Kitchens Reetika Gill, Hospitality Lexis has decrypted the insights about how Restaurateurs and Chefs are striving to preserve the Indian culture in gastronomy

How restaurateurs are uplifting the regional and long lost cuisines? 

The attempts that are being made by Indian restaurateurs for uplifting the regional and long last cuisine is slowly catching some popularity. One needs to understand the culture and find the ways to implement the practices of that culture in the day to day practices and only then you will be able to open a restaurant that serves traditional recipes. A restaurant like mine is sticking to traditional practices and the major challenge is to train the manpower for such kind of restaurant and make sure to maintain the traditional practices.

How restaurateurs can contribute to preserving Indian culture in gastronomy?

The only way restaurateurs can contribute to preserving the Indian culture in gastronomy is a two folds answer. Firstly, there is a dire need of trained chefs, who understand the principles of Indian gastronomy. It is the responsibility of every Indian restaurant to teach and follow the Indian way of cooking and eating habits. Our country being so vast in size consists of many regions and therefore there is a change in the way we consume and cook our food according to the area we live in and depending on the kinds of climates we are in. The food of every region of India collectively makes Indian food which is understood and cooked with the umbrella knowledge of Ayurveda which remains the guiding source of cooking no matter where you are cooking in India. Secondly, we do not have cooking schools where we teach Indian culinary practice and Indian gastronomy. I feel India should have multiple regional cooking schools where they should teach the food of that area. 

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