Experience the exotic curries from the by lanes of Lucknow with Irfan Bhai


New Delhi, 17 March 2020: Cross Border Kitchens, an Internet-backed Food & Beverage company has added another brand- Irfan Bhai in its exciting food delivery portfolio. The team has curated an exotic menu that takes you to the aromatic lanes of the City of Nawabs while sitting at your home. Relish on the delicateness of gala was, the makhmali qorma and Paya nahari or the sumptuousness of biryanis, and the sweetness of sheer.

The brand is an ode to the karigiri relished in the households of Lucknow and offers a range of appetizing mix of authentic Lucknawi specialties. The menu has been carefully crafted to provide an authentic and rich experience of Mughlai cuisine.

The extensive menu promises to take the foodies on a gastronomical feast with exotic preparations that include an exclusive array of curries supported by kebabs and much more prepared by artisanal skills. Irfan Bhai is authentic Mughlai, and a mark of the brand’s authenticity is its richness in texture and flavour. Khichda, a hidden gem, this is a hallmark dish from Lucknow. A delightful stew of grains and meat in whole spices slow-cooked to perfection. It is a wholesome recipe garnished with fried onions, mint and lemon wedges, the Paya ki Nihari, signature lamb trotter cooked overnight with aromatic potli masala, garlic and sprinkled with ground black pepper, fresh coriander leaves and a tinge of lime, Murgh Mussallam, whole chicken, marinated with yoghurt, ginger, mace napped with nutty brown onion gravy and cooked on Dum, Aloo ka Salan, savour baby potatoes cooked in a savoury spiced onion

tomato gravy, Mutton Noor Mahal Biryani, tender lamb pieces simmered with basmati rice and lamb, koftas flavoured with mint, ginger and saffron and Shahide Jaam, Gulab Jamun filled with pistachio, almond and dipped in saffron honey syrup.

Irfan Bhai, promises to increase your love affair with Lucknawi food and ensure a memorable experience of Mughlai cuisine at the ease of your doorstep.

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