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Krishna janmabhoomi, Mathura is counted as one of the sacred cities of india. The temple bells or hare krishna hare rama chants in every narrow lane creates a very blissful ambiance.There is something about this place that will fill you with a sense of spirituality.

Not just its temples , this very land of lord krishna also has a rich street food culture as well. From milk specialities and chappan bhog to puris kachoris , Mathura’s food is well known for its authentic flavours.The food is invariably vegetarian , owing to its status as a holy city.

The markets around Dwarkadhish Temple, Vishram Ghat and Holi Gate are the best spots to explore Mathura’s abundance of culinary offerings.

There are stalls that serve “Saatvik” food and milk products as a tribute to Nandgopal, known as Makhan Chor” because of his love for milk and milk product.

Kachoris, jalebis to many more, here is a glimpse on how to explore Mathura’s rich offerings:-

Mathura ka peda

A conversation on mathura is impossible without talking about the legendary sweet dish Peda. This very sweet dish is largely famous, especially “Lal peda”

This sweet is prepared by dairy products. It tastes incredibly fantastic. There is a story famous about Peda that once a person was preparing Bhog for krishna. He left the boiling milk unattended which gave the result of the invention of Peda. A rich and fragrant with a slight amount of cardamom (elaichii) and ghee.
Try the peda at Brijwaasi Sweets, Holi Gate, the oldest and the largest

Milk and Rabri 

Mathura’s trip is halfway without tasting the very popular “kadhai wala doodh”.

This doodh is made of fresh produced from dairy farms.The milk is simmered all day in an Iron Kadhai to.

The another best-loved is rabri . It is made by thickening milk on low charcoal flame for hours whichbring a thick , sweet milk. After then sugar is mixed and it tastes great brings an outstanding result. It is said that the reason for the goodness of the rabri is the milk- a blessing from the lord himself.

Hing Kachori and Jalebi

Days in Mathura begins with a deep-fried Kachoris and Jalebis as morning breakfast.The kachoris here are crispy and flat which are served with a potato curry. Speciality of this kachori is the strong flavour of Hing or asafetida.

And this kachoris are followed by large jalebis.The best spot to try the kachoris and jalebis id Oma Pehalwan Kachauri Wala in Holi Gate.

Bedai with dubki aloo

After kachori, there is Bedai which is made with whole wheat and urad dal. It is served with Mathura’s favourite dubki aloo and a sweet preparation of pumpkin. This meal has its origin in Satvik principles .That’s why it is prepared without using onion , garlic , ginger and tomato.

Yet, the curry’s flavour is delicious. The dish is a meal in itself and is mostly paired by a glass of lassi.
The famous shop for trying this very this is from Shankar Mithai Wala, Holi Gate.

Bhalle and Golgappe

The bhallas of Mathura is different as compared to other part of the world. Bhallas of Mathura are richer and more robust. The method of cooking is also slightly different.

The patties are deep-fried in ghee and are served with boiled white peas, yoghurt and tangy chutney. This very combination gives a very well flavour with never ending demand of eating more.
Try Bhalla and golgappas at Gopal Ji Chaat Bhandar, Holi Gate.

Perhaps, these are some of the famous culinary food of mathura you can relish on .