“Exquisite Lunch prepared by Chef Hemant Oberoi” At Zoya design Runway


“Zoya travels the world gathering stories from across the world,

finding inspiration in history, traditions, art, architecture, nature, the elements and more. The collections we have presented today reflect Zoya’s fine tradition of craftsmanship and quality without compromise.” says Sangeeta Dewan, Principal Designer, Zoya.

From the house of Tata, the ferocious diamond boutique hosted a powwow for Delhi’s

high society and jewellery connoisseurs this weekend, titled The Design Runway, offering details about the admirable new store in South Extension Area, home to Zoya’s rare masterpieces. Designed as a minimalist gallery of fine art spread luxuriously over 4600 square feet, the store endeavour a perfect setting for the appearance of its four newest collections –– 6299 Hollywood Blvd., Pezzo D’Arte, Musee Du Luxe and Whispers from the Valley.

The evening comprehends a grand show with collaboration with noted names in fashion – Gauri & Nainika, Isha Rajpal and Rohit & Rahul Gandhi, also seen at the event the high society of Delhi including Tanisha Mohan, Payal Sen, Shivani Malik, Priyanka Gill, Ruchika

Mehta, Arjuna Awardee & Olympian Swimmer Rehan Poncha and many others.

As visionary as art, the collection uses geometry in design, to create an edgy fashion

the statement, imbued with a distinctly modern vibe. The absolute crafting of Zoya’s “6299 Hollywood Blvd.” drew design edict the panache of three iconic Hollywood eras. The undying glamour presented in the forty- three piece collection is absolutely peculiar take on jewellery. Whispers from the Valley captured the poetic beauty of Kashmiri seasons creating picturesque backdrops for the icons of the land, from the gentle Shikara to falling chinar leaves. ‘Musee Du Luxe’ – Museum of Luxury, looked towards the sublime architecture, rich culture and inherent joie de vivre of Paris, blending a modern style palette with vintage charisma. Zoya’s Pezzo D’Arte, presented a versatile line of 37 pieces inspired by rich Italian history and style.

Chef Hemant Oberoi inclined a delectable sit-down lunch with a collection-inspired menu, specially curated for the afternoon. Delighting guests further, Zoya’s principal designer, Sangeeta Dewan unveiled the inspiration and secrets of craftsmanship that inspired pieces the models showcased while Chef Oberoi opened the idealistic approach in creation delicacies.

A work of art, Chef Hemant’s

“Shrimps climbing a Chair”

( beautifully complemented Zoya’s Italy inspired collection Pezze D’Arte)

“Dessert of Bird Nest”

(golden sugar spun bird’s nest with chocolate birds was evocative of the seasons) 

“Pink Salmon and Cavier”


(inspired by the rouges of Zoya’s Hollywood)

“Parisian Chicken”

(made for a beautiful conceptual pairing with Zoya’s Paris

inspired collection, Musee Du Luxe.)

“We are delighted to host this event at Zoya today. Design and

craftsmanship have always distinguished Zoya products and this afternoon in all aspects celebrate these core values of the brand.”Says- Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Brand Head, Zoya.

About ZOYA,  the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata is a luxury brand of fine jewelry, renowned for its precision craftsmanship and distinguished design. Aesthetically astute woman as its muse. Unique inspirations from cities, history, culture, art, legends, and the elements are translated into one of a kind design by its panel of master craftsmen forming the genesis of Zoya’s myriad collections in contemporary as well as fusion styles such as

polka and kundan. Designed galleries of fine design, the single piece reflects the journey of Zoya around the world.