Exquisite Vegan and Gluten-Free Delights: The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery Crafts Dessert Masterpieces with Artistic Brilliance


Mumbai, November, 2-  The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery, under the creative guidance of the esteemed Chef Kiran Ahir, is thrilled to announce the arrival of a tantalising universe that redefines the essence of vegan dessert luxury. Get ready to indulge in a world of flavors that will take your taste buds on a wild and unforgettable ride!

Drawing from an illustrious educational background at the prestigious Les Roches Institute in Switzerland and a wealth of experience garnered from renowned establishments such as the Four Seasons, Chef Kiran Ahir’s lifelong passion for the art of baking finds its pinnacle in The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery. Here, every dessert is a testament to a relentless pursuit of perfection and a dedication to the art of creating sensory marvels.

The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery’s distinct culinary prowess shines through their exquisite vegan and gluten free desserts, capturing the essence of indulgence without compromise. They use a meticulous blend of premium gluten-free flour, luscious vegan nut butter and carefully sourced dairy-free components to create a vibrant medley of flavours that not only captivates the taste buds but also astounds with their artistic realism.

The menu offers an array of meticulously crafted delicacies like Petit Gateaux and Entremets, each designed to tempt the palate. The Petit Gateaux and Entremet selection feature enchanting flavours such as Earl Grey and Raspberry-flavoured Papillon, classic Forest Cake, luscious Fromage with lemon and blueberry baked cheesecake, delightful Hazelnut and Chocolate flavoured Entremets Cake, Gift, Tiramisu-inspired Coffee, and tantalising Passion made with Ghanian Milk Chocolate and Passionfruit. Relish the luxurious elegance of masterfully tempered Chocolate Bonbons, along with a delightful medley of Praline, the guilt-free ecstasy of the Healthy Chocolate Sticks, and the irresistible charm of their Biggies (cookies) collection. Boasting four mouth-watering flavours – Noir, Hazel, Pistache, and Nutter – there’s something for every taste.

With local deliveries available within a 15km radius and the flexibility to expand their services based on demand, The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery extends its delightful offerings to a wider audience. For those across the nation seeking to partake in their culinary marvels, select products are available for  0vours and artistry, where every creation echoes a symphony of passion and innovation.” shares Chef Kiran Ahir, emphasising their dedication to creating desserts that not only please the palate but also leave a lasting impression on every dessert connoisseur.

Prepare to be captivated by a seamless blend of culinary finesse and visual enchantment, as The Art Lab Patisserie & Bakery invites dessert aficionados to embark on a journey where every creation narrates a tale of passion and dedication to the art of dessert craftsmanship.