Fantastic Friday with The Unplugged Project at Saints N Sinners


Gurgaon, July 11, 2019: Brimming Glasses and the melodic hues of The Unplugged Project is all you need to make your Fridays truly Fantastic! The Unplugged Project is a popular acoustic band from Delhi specializing in high-energy music for festivals, colleges, weddings, pubs, corporate events, and private functions. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist- Aditya Jassi, singer, and guitarist – Manish Gunthey, Ashwani Verma on drums, Abhay Sharma on the saxophone, and Vinayak Gupta, vocalist on the keyboard. Unplugged draw their musical influences and inspiration from rock, folk and country music. Unplugged is a collaboration between Manish Gunthey, Aditya Jassi and Ashwani Verma. The band performs a mix of Bollywood contemporary covers and retro Hindi music, English pop, rock, and contemporary music. By using their engaging vocal style and their own unique improvisation on cover songs, Unplugged enthralls audiences with their outstanding musical performances..

Date: July 19, 2019

Venue: Saints N Sinners, Gurgaon

Time: 9:30 pm onwards

To know more and For Reservations call: +91-9870286686

About Saints N Sinners:

The Grub Pub Music Hub of Gurgaon, Saints N Sinners is the perfect amalgamation of crafted music and global cuisine. A casual dining place serving the best of assorted gourmet delicacies and spirits and an aura that is based on the theme of English old time classics that take you down your memory lane every time a song gets played In short, nostalgia served with contemporary dining.