FHRAI Issues Reopening Guidebook For Hotels & Restaurants

Covers All Basic Dos & Don’ts In Everyday Operations; Step-By-Step Process For Ensuring Customer Safety.

Mumbai, June 09: The Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) has issued a comprehensive guidebook listing all precautionary measures for hotels and restaurants to ensure the prevention of spread of COVID-19. The 44-page manual covers almost every aspect of the day-to-day operations of establishments and advices processes to follow for ensuring a secure environment for customers as well as for staff. The guidelines layout preventive measures to minimize all possible physical contacts between staff and guests and maintain social distancing.

Mr. Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President, FHRAI & President, HRAWI (Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India).

“The manual is an exclusive guidebook for the hotel and restaurant industry and has been designed in association with the FSSAI. The objective is preparedness and through this, we are trying to bring a change in habits. FHRAI members have been kept informed and updated about best practices in addition to the MHA guidelines for ensuring guest safety and most of these best practices have now been adopted in the MHA guidelines. Some of these guidelines need to be amended, about which we have already briefed the authorities. Everyday activities will be required to be put under a microscope since safety of our guests is paramount,” says Mr. Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, Vice President, FHRAI & President, HRAWI (Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India).

The guidebook covers all functions of hotels and restaurants that are essential to everyday operations. From guest rooms and room service to housekeeping to laundry care, the manual provides step-by step instructions on best practices. It has detailed instructions on training of staff on food handling, deliveries & takeaways and food transportation and distribution.

Mr. Pradeep Shetty, Jt. Hon. Sec., FHRAI & Vice President, HRAWI.

“Other than the strict protocols in production, for home deliveries we have outlined processes for maintaining safeguards. We have suggested that there be designated persons in charge of packing and dispatching the orders or food deliveries. These designated persons should be imparted COVID19 training on handling food safely and are required to wear PPE gears viz. gloves and masks. All delivery packs would be handed over to delivery boys outside the premises in bags to avoid direct contact. Mandatory temperature checks and training for self-declaration of any symptoms are imparted to these persons. All payments will be made easy online and restaurants will use all digital modes of ordering and payments,” says Mr. Pradeep Shetty, Jt. Hon. Sec., FHRAI & Vice President, HRAWI.

FHRAI has been holding FoSTaC training progammes designed by the FSSAI and has trained more than 2000 people under it.

“The FHRAI through its member hotels and restaurants is serving people even amidst the COVID-19 crises. Hoteliers and restaurateurs are the frontline warriors during this pandemic and are already quite equipped in ensuring the safety of its customers as well as its staff. The new norms require greater levels of hygiene and comfort to the consumer and for this the industry is making concerted efforts. The Government will also have to play a pivotal role in bringing back consumer confidence and in reassuring them. Safety is paramount for all of us and given that we ourselves are present in the premises along with our staff, should be a testament to our commitment to guests’ safety,” concludes Mr. Kohli.