Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils distributes Seed Ganesha Idols for an eco-friendly festival  

  • Distributes 10,000 Eco-friendly Seed Ganesha Prosperity Box

Hyderabad: 16th September, 2023Gemini Edibles and Fats India Ltd (GEF India), the marketers and refiners of Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils, as a part of their efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices, will distribute 10,000 Eco-friendly Seed Ganesha Boxes. People are getting conscious about the vicissitudes of climate change and rapidly adopting sustainable religious celebrations by worshipping eco-friendly Ganesha, as the immersion of these idols have no debilitating effect on the water bodies. To encourage this Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils will distribute 7,000 Eco-friendly seed Ganesha boxes in Hyderabad & 3,000 Eco-friendly seed Ganesha boxes in Bangalore. Mr. Chetan Pimpalkhute, DGM Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils along with the team flagged off vehicles to distribute the Eco-friendly seed Ganesha to the apartment complexes like Rainbow Vista (Phase 1&2), Malaysian Township, Aparna Sarovar, NCC Urban. Madhapur, Swanlake Apartment, Moosapet, Ridge towers, IDPL, My Home jewel, Indis one city KPHP, Satellite Township, Kompally, Satyanarayana enclave Chanda Nagar etc, in the city.

The culture of installing a Murthi of Lord Ganesha is a tradition and has been going on for years. The murthi’s are normally made of Clay or Plaster of Paris and also painted with commercial paints to give them a real to life look and charm. The problem is the materials and the finishing products going towards the preparation of the murthi are toxic and also not good for nature, as they may have a harmful effect on soil and water bodies. To keep the environmental impact of the Ganesh festival to a minimum, people have started having clay and soluble Ganesh Murthi with manure and plant-able seeds. Once immersed in the pot, the Ganesh idol grows into a plant, with the seeds available in the murthi. Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils – Green Ganesha initiative serves as a testament to their conscious endeavour to mitigate environmental harm without compromising on the festivities.

“It is a part of our tradition to celebrate the Ganesh festival by placing the Murthi of Lord Ganesha in our homes. To help people celebrate the festival with traditional fervour and protect the environment, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils has decided to distribute 10,000 eco-friendly Seed Ganesha Murthi. We have been distributing the eco-friendly seed Ganesha Murthi’s for 5 years. With the Green Ganesha initiative we give the people freedom to celebrate the festival with traditional fervour with a sustainable and eco-friendly way.”

P Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils