Get Ready to Go WILD: Cornitos Introduces Corny the Chimp Mascot


National, July 2023 – Cornitos, the forerunning brand of Greendot Health foods Pvt Ltd, proudly announces the launch of its new, wild mascot, ‘Corny-the uncooperative Chimp’ in the new campaign, Titled ‘Cornitos – Wild As You Like’. This campaign not only showcases the search for a mascot but also embodies the message of embracing the wild side. Choosing the right mascot for a brand can be a real challenge, and Cornitos is proving just that in its latest uproarious brand campaign, and who better to embody this untamed spirit than the mischievous and uncooperative Corny the Chimp.

“We believe Corny the Chimp adds a whole new dimension to our brand identity,” declares Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. “He embodies our values of innovation, playfulness, and delicious snacking experiences. Corny is our wild and lovable brand ambassador who will forge a strong connection with our consumers and enhance our brand recognition.”

Composed of two teaser films and a grand brand mascot launch film, the campaign starts in a luxurious conference room where suggestions for mascots are met with hilarious flashbacks of daring adventures and amusing rejections. The teasers leave viewers craving more, with the words “To be continued…” building anticipation. The storyline then unfolds on an auditorium stage in the main mascot launch film, introducing Corny the Chimp as the brand’s lovable and mischievous mascot.

To promote Cornitos’ mascot, a 360-degree campaign has been deployed, featuring Corny the Chimp as the brand ambassador. He will be featured across all brand communications, including digital platforms, print media, and retail spaces.

Samir Datar, Chief Strategy Officer at Crayons Advertising, the creative mind behind this extraordinary campaign, shares, “Developing Corny the Chimp as the brand mascot was a thrilling and collaborative process.”

The ‘Cornitos – Wild As You Like’ campaign truly captures the spirit of the brand and its adventurous snacking options. With the introduction of Corny the Chimp, the excitement and enjoyment associated with snacking will reach new heights, inviting consumers to unleash their wild side and explore the exquisite Cornitos range of delicious and innovative snacks.

Stay tuned for more wild and unpredictable adventures with Corny the Chimp as he takes the snacking world by storm!

Brand – Cornitos

Conceptualized by – Crayons Advertising Limited – Agency on record for Cornitos

Directed by – Alok Kulkarni

Production – Full Moon Production YouTube Link –

About Cornitos:

Cornitos is a leading brand in the snacking industry, offering a diverse and exciting range of snack products. With a focus on enjoyment and innovation, Cornitos has become synonymous with high-quality, flavourful snacking experiences. Their wide range includes nachos, baked snacks, nut, seeds, taco shells, dips and tortilla wrap, crafted with utmost care and extremely flavourful.