Gin is simply the tonic for Drink Retailers.


HospiBuz Desk

Last year’s record-breaking summer temperatures provided unprecedented opportunities for drinks retailers to drive sales within the alcohol category, with sales of gin outstripping other categories and setting new records.

Retailers are capitalising on the widest choice of gin spirits ever produced in the UK and demand continues to break all records.

As the temperature rises it’s clear this year that summer drinks are in a league of their own, with home cocktails proving more popular than ever. As the nights grow shorter and the temperatures rise the sales of alcohol take on their own seasonal performance and where once it was a choice of red or white wine it is now a choice of hundreds of combinations of gin spirits and mixers.

And the drinks retailer should look to cater for the new drinking opportunities that this warmer season brings and especially with chilled alcohol .. drinks retailers must merchandise properly to get the most out of the customers desire to cool off with a chilled alcoholic beverage.

A store with a chilled shelf or unit is great for improving profits and for consumers satisfying demand as it promotes impulse purchases. Many consumers want to consume drinks as soon as two hours after purchase, so it’s essential that retailers keep stock sufficiently chilled to satisfy demand.

Spirit success

The selection of different spirits is growing. Gin is by far ahead of the game and flavoured gin is making a big impact in sales and will continue to grow.

Gin is still a huge and growing favourite for many consumers and is still on top. Some drink industry bosses predict that it must slow soon but there really haven’t been any signs of this happening, in fact, it is quite the opposite, India is the 5th largest Gin consumer.

Flavoured gin, the latest trend, especially in the summer, is proving a smash hit with gin drinking customers. With the introduction of pink gins and summer fruit flavours, the retailer is seeing opportunities for improving their cash receipts and keeping customers happy at the same hour.