Glenfiddich celebrated the preview of Materiology 2.0


A term coined from the idea of taking a diverse palette of materials, and expressing through them a tale that transcends the boundaries of current trends – materials being the tools, designers being time-travellers, and partners being the presenters of expressions. The preview of Materiology 2.0 hosted in partnership with Glenfiddich, saw the attendance of well-known architects, designers, artists and creative personalities from the city.

Materiology 2.0 : What Happens When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow?

Was YESTERDAY an easy game to play? And living TODAY, what is it that we can we learn from the bygone, and hope for TOMORROW?

Standing for the truth and acknowledging the reality that stares at us, in tomorrow we express those questions that face us today. With this fast-changing world, are we forgetting those basic values that we had imbibed when we were young? There were things we did that were simple and productive, that were educational, made us think, made us learn, made us treat these as activities for a better living. These activities and games have now assumed a new avatar, but it is still important to address them and their need in our lives today and the questions of tomorrow.

This exhibition saw a fun interplay of narratives that tie in yesterday’s memories, today’s actuality and tomorrow’s dreams. The Installations include:

Time Tested! Time Tasted! | Designers: Paola Navone x Sumant Jayakrishnan

Hyper Dhyaan |Designers: Matteo Cibic x Rooshad Shroff

Holding water |Designers: Samira Rathod x Niveditaa Gupta

Hope | Designers: Sandeep Sangaru x Soumitro Ghosh

Saurashtra | Designers: Hanif Kureshi x Shiva Nallaperumal

Our Time in the Sun|Designers: Ankon Mitra x BandukSmith Studio