Godrej Yummiez and Godrej Jersey spark the culinary magic with #AbhKyaNayaBanaye? with Chef Rakhee Vaswani


1. Paneer 65


· Godrej Yummiez Paneer Pops- 1pkt

· Ketchup- 1tbsp

· Black mustard seeds- 1/2tsp

· Garlic- 7cloves (sliced)

· Onion- 1no (medium cubes)

· Bell peppers (R,Y&G)- 1/2no each (medium cubes)

· Curry leaves- 2sprigs

· Salt- as per taste

· Kashmiri chilli paste- 1tbsp

· Oil- 1tbsp

· Ginger- 1inch(chopped)


· In a pot heat oil and deep fry 1 Godrej Yummiez Paneer Pops

· Once crispy and fried to perfection drain and set aside on a tissue lined plate for drain excess oil.

· In a sauté pan heat oil add ginger, garlic and mustard seeds, cook till fragrant.

· Add in curry leaves once crisp add in red chilli paste and ketchup.

· Add water and cook till there’s no rawness.

· Add in bell peppers and onions followed by the fried paneer.

· Toss well and season with salt.

· Finally plate and garnish with bell pepper curls and a sprig of crispy curry leaves.

2. Mexican corn salad


· Godrej Yummiez American Sweet Corn- 1pkt

· Bell peppers (R, Y&G)- 1/2no each (chopped)

· Onion- 1no (chopped)

· Tomato- 1no (chopped)

· Coriander- 50gms (chopped)

· Lettuce- 50gms (shredded)

· Salt- to taste

· Lime- 2tbsp

· Jalapeño- 7slices (chopped)

· Mexican seasoning

· Coriander pwd- 1tbsp

· Cumin pwd- 1/2tbsp

· Cayenne pepper- 1 1/2tbsp

· Paprika pwd- 1tbsp

· Aromat pwd- 1tsp

· Salt- to taste

· Mixed herbs- 2tbsp

· Sugar- 1/2tsp

Mexican seasoning

· Coriander pwd- 1tbsp

· Cumin pwd- 1/2tbsp

· Cayenne pepper- 1 1/2tbsp

· Paprika pwd- 1tbsp

· Aromat pwd- 1tsp

· Salt- to taste

· Mixed herbs- 2tbsp

· Sugar- 1/2tsp


· In a bowl mix all the above given vegetables and set aside.

· In a bowl mix all the spices, herbs, sugar, salt and aromat powder in a bowl.

· Sprinkle the Mexican seasoning over the vegetables, lime juice, and a little olive oil.

· Place inside a shot glass and keep cool

Avocado mousse


· Avocado- 1no

· Chillies- 1no

· Coriander- 30gms(chopped)

· Onion- ½no(chopped)

· Garlic- 4cloves(chopped)

· Salt- to taste

· Cream cheese- 3tbsp

· Lime juice- 1tbsp

· Green chutney- 2tbsp


· In a food processor deseed and peal avocado.

· Add coriander, sautéed onion, garlic and green chilli’s.

· Add green chutney.

· Add salt and blend into a fine purée.

· Place into a piping bag with a star nozzle.


· Place the corn mix in shot glasses, pipe avocado mousse and sour cream.

· Drizzle with sriracha mayo, garnish with an olive, sprig of coriander sprig and cracker.

3. Aloo tikki chole chat


· Godrej Yummiez Aloo Tikki- 2nos

· Chickpeas- 1cup

· Salt- to taste

· Ginger- 30gms(julienne)

· Garlic- 2tbsp

· Tea bags- 2nos

· Water- 3cups

· Carrot- 1/2no(julienne)

· Radish- 1/2no(julienne)

· Onion- 1/2no(sliced)

· Tomatoes- 1no(chopped)

· Coriander- 50gms(chopped)

· Tomato purée- 3tbsp

· Cumin powder- 1tsp

· Anant Dana powder- 1tsp


· In a pressure cooker, add soaked chickpeas, ginger, tea bags, and salt.

· Add water and pressure cook for 15 whistles.

· And a pan heat ghee, add in chopped onion ginger and garlic and cook till fragrant.

· Add in chopped tomatoes and tomato purée cook till all rawness is gone.

· Add cumin powder and continue cooking

· Remove the tea bags from the boiled chickpeas.

· Add in the chickpeas to the pan and continue cooking add water and adjust consistency.

· Finish with coriander.


· Fry the Godrej Yummiez Aloo Tikki in a pot of hot oil.

· Drain and set aside on a tissue lined plate.

· On a plate place the tikki’s pour the chole on top add green chutney and tamarind chutney on top, garnish with julienne carrots, radish, onions, and chopped coriander leaves, nylon sev, pomegranate pearls and a squeeze of lime.

4. Millet tikki Dabeli


· Godrej Yummiez Millet Patty- 4nos

· Mayonnaise- 4tbsp

· Dabeli masala- 2tbsp

· Ginger- 1tsp(chopped)

· Sev- 4tbsp

· Coriander- 30gms

· Masala peanuts- 20gms

· Chillies- 2nos(chopped)

· Onions- 1/2no(chopped)

· Pav- 2nos

· Tamarind chutney- 2tbsp

· Water- as required


· Place the Millet Patties in an air fryer brush lightly with oil on both sides and cook at 160 degrees Celsius for 15mins till golden brown on both sides.

· In a pan heat oil sauté onion, ginger and chilies add dabeli masala and foil till fragrant.

· Add in tamarind chutney and water and cook till desired consistency.

· Cut the lab in half apply mayo on one side and the cooked dabeli mix on the other side place the tikki in the centre.

· Apply butter on the top and bottom and toast the bread till lightly crisp on both sides.

· Apply mayo on the open ends of the pav roll it in sev and masala peanuts.

· Garnish with peanuts, sev, pomegranate pearls and chopped coriander.

5. Date & Anjeer Modak

· Jaggery sugar- 50gm

· Water- 120ml

· Date -400

· Anjeer-100gms

· Mix dry fruits -100gms

· Godrej Yummiez Jersey Ghee -1/4 cup

· Cardamon pd-1tbsp


· -In a pan take half of the Godrej Jersey Ghee and saute the chopped nuts till the raw Aroma escapes

· -In a saucepan dissolve the sugar in the water and add the remaining ghee.

· -Add the finely chopped dates & anjeer.

· -Cook the mixture till it comes together and leaves the sides of the pan. The water should evaporate completely.

· -Add the sauteed nuts and cook for a minute and take it off the flame.

· -Transfer it in a greasted thali

· -Add the cardamon pd.

· -Cool the mixture and shape in the greased modak mould .

Tip- Add the mixture to a greased trey and cool it completely. Cut in squares and serve it to give a new look to the mithai