Goibibo adds a quirky spin to #FriendsWithBenefits with its new Friendship Day campaign


  • Introduces a new way to earn more GoCash and fulfil travel checklists

Gurugram, August 04, 2023 – In the spirit of Friendship Day, Goibibo has unveiled its latest campaign #FriendsWithBenefits – emphasizing the value of friendships sprinkled with some unreal perks. The new campaign reintroduces a new way to earn more from Goibobo’s acclaimed goCash initiative with the launch of the SyncN’Cash feature.

SyncN’Cash has been curated specifically to cater to the social behaviour of Gen Z and millennial audiences. Even though they have larger disposable incomes, and bigger budgets, and take a greater number of trips than ever before, they are still incredibly price sensitive and seek maximum benefits within their budget. The new brand film calls to this audience base through the #FriendsWithBenefits campaign, opening a world of shared travel rewards with every Goibibo user on synced contact lists. Contrary to pop-culture reference, this film’s take is a wordplay on the concept to highlight the benefits of the ‘SyncN’Cash’ feature. The campaign also addresses the quest for finding friendships that come with more benefits than one, emphasizing the concept of shared travel experiences and rewards.

“Modern-day travellers are at the heart of Goibibo’s initiatives, and we consistently tailor our offerings basis their ever-evolving travel needs. We wanted to elevate our offerings by making it more social and exciting. Friendship’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for friends to partake in the joys of travel. And #FriendsWithBenefits is a great hook to attest to the joys of sharing in keeping the trademark Goibibo humour.”

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Goibibo

Through brief humorous anecdotes of three GenZ/millennials, the campaign video sheds light on the struggles of today’s youth in different social settings as they seek out friendships that offer something extra. Their experiences are recorded in a documentary style piece to camera, with the voice of the interviewer in the background. With each of them failing in their search, they are introduced to Goibibo’s SyncN’Cash initiative by the interviewer who steps into the frame to show how syncing their contacts within the Goibibo app can be the answer they were looking for. This enticing offer of cashback on every booking ID serves as a compelling proposition and is expected to bring more users to the Goibibo platform.

How does SyncN’Cash work? Every user that makes a successful booking with Goibibo, have their contacts synced and complete their travel becomes eligible to gift Goibibo users on their contact

list INR 100 goCash. Whether it is 1 friend or 500 of them, the goCash received becomes a great add-on benefit to book from the brand’s extensive offerings, which includes flights, hotels, buses, trains, cabs, and holidays.

The film has been conceptualised in-house and is live on the brand’s handles.

Link to Digital Ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRoHz5PImPs

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