GROHE Intellekt #TechTalk


An initiative to start mulling over the smart future that beholds Architect and Design world and familiarises the fraternity with new-age technologies.

GROHE Intellekt, an extension of GROHE hosted an event called #TechTalk with immense enthusiasm and magnificence. Built upon the foundation of quality, technology, sustainability, and design, GROHE Intellekt, a first-of-its-kind initiative, has carefully crafted this innovative programme to motivate and educate architects and designers about modern technologies to prepare them for the future in their profession.

GROHE Intellekt #TechTalk powered by GHV Accelerator was a huge success. GHV is an organisation that assists start-ups in growing multifold, sustainably, and rapidly. Together, these organisations have ventured out to create an impact for future generations to learn from. The successful event was a testament to the effectiveness of this collaboration in bringing together professionals and enthusiasts to share knowledge and insights on modern technology in architecture and design.

GROHE Intellekt by GROHE India marked the beginning of an exciting and inspiring new initiative focused on the intersection of artificial intelligence and architecture. The brand has pledged to provide engaging sessions, workshops, and discussions for the architect and designer community. This new initiative aims to facilitate collaborative conversations that are thought-provoking and enriching for all participants, with the goal of fostering innovative ideas and driving progress in the industry.

#TechTalk was designed to bring together the architect community and encourage them to explore the possibilities of a smart future. The #TechTalk series focused on the theme of ‘Unlocking the Promise of Artificial Intelligence.’

A remarkable gathering of industry experts who shared their perspectives on the influence of AI in their respective fields took place at the LIXIL Experience Centre. Mr. Nakul Kumar, co-founder and CMO of Cashify, India’s largest e-commerce company, initiated the event with a captivating speech on how AI can be leveraged to enhance business operations and customer experience. He was followed by Mr. Sriram, founder of DAVEAI, one of India’s leading AI start-ups, who discussed the resurgence of AI and its potential to shape the future. The audience was then introduced to architect Monish Siripurapu, founder of ANT Studio, who has been adopting AI in his design practise. The speakers shared their thoughts on the innovative ways in which AI can transform architecture and design, highlighting the immense potential of this technology. The knowledge shared by these industry experts was incredibly enriching and captivated the audience.

GROHE Intellekt #TechTalk threw light on the growing dependence on AI and how it is the key tool to sculpt the future and unlock the promise of AI, thereby making the design fraternity future-ready. It was a great success, as it brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss the future of AI and how we can create a more liveable world for all. GROHE Intellekt is committed to organising more such events in the future to promote AI, design, and innovation in the industry.


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