Mumbai October, 2021 – Starting in 2016, with a simple vision of offering fresh craft beer in its purest form to beer lovers, HAPI Beer launched their Brewery in Dahisar with the store vertical in Thane. They are all set to open their first restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai by combining their passion for handcrafted beer with their gastrominical love for all things food and legendary craft beers. Co- Founder Dhananjay Naik finally found his #HAPIplace keeping in mind the guiding philosophy to create an ambience where there is great food and of course beer!

Keeping in mind their mission to provide #HAPIclients with a true taste of fresh craft beer, Hapi Beer wants to keep exploring and serving the HAPI experience with the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible. They are here to give you a vacation from the watered-down craft beers you’ve been drinking. What they sell is handcrafted freshness & true meaning of artisan beer with no preservatives!

As a result, they constantly have 8-10 beers on tap like Hapi Gold (Hefeweizen/German Wheat Beer), Hapi Wit (Belgian Wheat Beer), Hapi Rize (Lager), Hapi Red (Irish Red Ale), Hapi Cider (apple cider), Hapi Haze Porter (Hazelnut porter) & limited-edition seasonal flavours, providing them with lots of opportunities to not just make beers you like, but also brews that introduce you to new flavours from around the world. As far as the food goes, you will be sure to be in a #HAPIfoodcoma with their delicious round up of dishes that can be so perfectly paired with their beers. Some recipes use local products to accentuate Indian flavours for the local palate, while others are firmly entrenched in our history. Fresh, handcrafted beers & ciders, will always be available at HAPI BEER.

Food is an equally important part of the Hapi Beer experience – Choose a suitable food combination from our extensive multi-cuisine menu or go wild with a contrasting one! To go with the artisanal beer, there are a range of Indian, Oriental, and Continental dishes to pick from.

With their taproom in Bandra, they want to take it a step further and give you a full sense of the magic that can be created when HAPI flavours are combined with the best of beer gastronomy. Serving you full-bodied, crisp, and flavourful beer, as well as food that is both gastronomically enriching and complementary to the brews, as curated by their experienced chef.

HAPI has a range of growler stations at their new restaurant. “Growler stations are very popular in foreign areas where people prefer fresh craft beer to preservative-laden bottled beer. We are also looking at gradually moving towards internet delivery from our taps at retail stores in 1 Litre bottles to the clients’ doorstep,” said Dhananjay Naik, co-founder of HAPI.

Set in the happening hub of Bandra, the interiors of HAPI are that of a sophisticated taproom with art from young artists on the wall (that you can actually purchase) along with a wall where they have given credit to their master brewers by putting up their images and their story. Step into the #HAPIuniverse and trust them to make

you happy with both their beers on tap and their delicious food ranging from their beer bites such as mezze platters, tacos and ghee roast to their burgers, pizzas, steaks, lamb shanks, pad thai noodles to their fingerlicking desserts.

“At HAPI, we take inspiration from the community of beer lovers and the change of lifestyle each season. Whether its shift in weather, restless city life, post pandemic phase, changing economy…creating beer for moments with friends and loved ones, and to accompany quiet pauses and jovial conviviality is what we are passionate about. HAPI Beer Co. is a place built with that idea, a space where one can relax, unwind and enjoy lip-smacking food complimenting beautifully with HAPI flavours to enjoy a #HAPIexperience!” says co-founder Dhananjay.

Launching with the fervour and uproar of Oktoberfest, be sure to visit HAPI for great deals, free beer tastings and an overall #hapiexperience.