Hassle-free snacks with your wines, Tips from Sonal Holand


Want to enjoy a glass of wine at home but aren’t sure what to serve it with? With ingredients being in short supply, putting together a delicious, elaborately curated cheeseboard seems rather unlikely! Contrary to popular belief, however, foods served with wine need not always be fancy. Sonal Holland, Master of Wine has your wine snacks covered. She shares pro tips on how to pair simple, go-to snacks that are easily available in your kitchen in these tough lockdown times, with almost any type of wine you have at home.

  • Salty and sour are the most wine-friendly flavours with regard to foods. Regardless of the wine, you plan to serve, a good rule of thumb is to select snacks that are bursting with these flavours.
  • Sour and salty flavour groups enhance the natural fruitiness of wines, regardless of the type, and make your drink more delicious than it already is!
  • Salty snacks offer a lot of variety and can be easily found in different types and forms in almost all kitchens. Salty hard cheese such as parmesan, salt-encrusted pretzels, French fries sprinkled with salt or simply salted nuts make a great pairing to munch on with your favourite wine.
  • If you are in the mood to munch on something sour with your well-deserved glass of wine, raid your pantry for some olives, or simply rustle up a quick tangy snack like fresh homemade bruschetta.