Healthier cakes being the norm!!


Hospitality Lexis had a conversation with  Chef Anirban Dasgupta of Hyatt Regency Pune to know about the latest trends in Wedding Cakes

Hospitality Lexis/ Print edition December 2019 

Chocolate is the most widely used and popular ingredient. We keep getting requests for derivatives from this. A basic chocolate Truffle acts as a base to most of our wedding cakes. Bitterness varies according to the choice of the guest, we offer variety right from 25 % to 80% of cocoa solids. Innovative additions like the Ruby Chocolate, Gold and Eclipse (with 1 % sugar) are now a fad and are being regularly asked by people for their Well-travelled Guests. Classically the wedding cake flavour is Buttercream with Poundcake but nowadays variation of this is prevalent.

These personalized cakes are tweaked with different flavours depending on the choices of the bride and groom. We have had occasions in which Liquor cakes were asked as a filling.

Wedding cakes have come a long way from how it was perceived as how it is in actuality right now. They were big and bulky in the past as the function for it was to be an integral part of the ceremony and would actually be distributed amongst the guests.

Nowadays much smaller and modernized cakes are being made as they are an accessory to the wedding and are customized to go along with the décor and the theme of the wedding. With health and mindful eating being prevalent in the society and people being aware of the Calorific value of each and every ingredient, we are looking at healthier cakes being a norm.

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