Holi Recipe -Colourful Cornitos Ravioli



1 cup Maltigain wheat Flour

1 packet Cornitos

1/2 cup besan

1/2 tbsp red chili powder

2 tbsp kasuri mathi

2 tbsp Spinach Paste

6 tbsp card pinch of tarmaric pinch of salt

1 cup water Stuffing:::::

Cornitos Jalapeño Corn Nuts

Process: First make a fine paste Now first in a bowl add wheat flour, card, powder Cornitos, salt and kasuri mathi, besan . Combine well. Now devided into 2 parts . Take one part mix tarmaric a Make a soft dough. Now take last part mix with Spinach Paste. make a dough. Make a big roti all of it . Cut of small pieces of it . Stuffed with Cornitos Jalapeño Corn Nuts it . Close with another piece. Make mark with fork . In a pan add some oil brush all side sallow fry the ravioli for 2 minutes. Corn Nuts Stuffed Colourful Ravioli is ready .

Now for plating Colourful Ravioli . Make a Ring with hung card . Place some eadable flowers.