“Home Grown Chocolates” Tree-to-Bar


HospiBuz Desk

While Chocolate Makers are battling to get the most appropriate cocoa beans to manufacture the finest chocolate bars, some bodies have played away ahead of them in term of making the marvellous chocolate bars for the passionate chocolate eaters. Chocolate companies who work with “Bean to Bar”, these cousins from South India follows a rarely seen concept i:e “Tree to Bar”. Chocolate tree to bar means that the chocolate has been made by the same manufacturer from growing the cocoa to the chocolate bar, they have their own plantation in the Animal Foothills.

These two Indian men Tamil Nadu have set an eximious level, Karthikeyan Palanisamy an engineer and Harish Manoj Kumar a farmer, are the pioneer of India’s first and only “tree to bar” chocolate company- Soklet. The production of cocoa beans is being highly under consideration they do not use any pesticides and emphasizes on Aqua farming. Along with the beans they produce nutmeg, coconut, pepper and banana the flavours and scent add to the cocoa which is then used for the chocolate bars.

The other features of Tree to Bar- Soklet chocolate is that they are free of vegetable oils, no chemical, no usage of artificial flavours and preservatives. The chocolate bars come in 460-gram packs in Dark and Milk Chocolate, there reach varies to many chefs, home bakers and chocolatiers across the country.

Except for Dark and Milk, there are three other types. The Dark chocolate has 57% Dark chocolate added with natural vanilla, 70% Dark chocolate which is full of red fruit and 100 % Dark Chocolate. Milk chocolate has 55% Dark milk chocolate filled with fruity notes.