Homemade Salads to Beat the Heat 


Salads are a cool and healthy way to stay cool in the summer.  

Summer is ending, but the heat isn’t going anywhere, necessitating  easy and light eating options. Salads are a cool and healthy way to stay  cool in the summer.  

Trikuta Oils are high in nutritional value and provide a healthy boost to  your diet. It also protects against fungal infections. While you’re  taking care of the inside, the oils can also be used outside to relieve  inflammation and tanning if you have any leftovers. 

Apart from that, salads protect you from a variety of diseases and  provide you with the benefits of cold-pressed edible oils, raw  vegetables, and fruits. It contains enough fibre, protein, minerals, and  vitamins when consumed on a regular basis.  

1. Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad 

This salad is loaded with all the goodness of fruits. Cranberry contains  vitamin C, A and K in it and is rich in antioxidants. This fruit has all  kinds of health-boosting benefits. Apple is rich in vitamin C and  antioxidants and even it is good for the immune system. Chicken is rich  in iron, low in calories and it’s packed with vitamin A.  


Take 1 cup of cranberry, 1 cup of diced apple, diced and dry chicken  and some chopped spring onion. Mix all of them and for dressing, you  need 2 tbsps of Trikuta walnut oil, a cup of cashew, some garlic and  some water add salt as per your taste in it then grind them in a mix.  After that, mix this cream into your salad and enjoy it.  

2. Broccoli Cranberry Salad 

It is the easiest and healthier salad which you can make in a few  minutes. Broccoli is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre and  antioxidants. Even it has vitamin A, C, K and B9, selenium in it.  Cranberry is high in antioxidants and contains a good amount of  vitamin K. 


Take some chopped broccoli, onion, bell pepper and dry cranberry,  pumpkin and sesame seed and some chopped almonds. Mix them all in  a bowl and add some salt to it. For the dressing, make cashew cream  that takes a handful of cashews, 2 to 3 garlic, 2 tbsps Trikuta sweet almond oil and some water, grind them perfectly and use it on your  salad.