Hospitality Industry Cheering the New Bustling Mumbai


Mumbai has received great news this January. The city can officially remain open 24×7 and can use the tagline of “The city that never sleeps” without any hesitation. The new rule has some restrictions for bars and pubs which are still to be closed after 1:30 am. However, there is a ray of hope for them as well in future. The young generation can indeed change the way of life. The young Tourism Minister, Aaditya Thackeray said, “London’s night economy is worth 5 billion pounds, Mumbai has similar potential. Mumbai is India’s financial and entertainment capital, and is already a 24×7 functional city”. A few ministers of BJP are opposing the decision claiming that it will increase the crime in the city. While contrary to this, the hospitality industry is quite happy with the decision. They are hoping that this law will soon be open for the alcohol centric segments as well.

Hospibuz had a conversation with hospitality professionals regarding the same. Here are a few excerpts of their opinion about the decision. 

Shishir Gorle, Founder, SquareMeal Foods

“While we welcome this move by the Government from a consumer standpoint, the law seems to be skewed towards the non-alcohol format only. Hence, while on one hand, the law will be lauded by the customer, especially the road traveller segment (given the traffic at bus stops, railway stations and airports), we look forward to more such laws that will extend the benefits to the entire F&B segment, rather than select verticals.”

Mr Gaurav Narang, Founder, Coffee Culture

“Sticking by its name, a city that never sleeps – Mumbai will definitely have some innovative ways to engage the audience with the new law being passed! The lanes near the Bandra Kurla Complex and Nariman Point will be made available solely for food trucks which are quite exciting! This generously will help in boosting employment and also increase night market tourism. As this is effective 27th January we are quite excited to see how the Mumbaikars will react to this! since we are a cafe and surrounded with co-working spaces, we are really wanting to see how late-night workers will react to this! ” 

Mr Anubhav Bhan – General Manager, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Karjat 

“It is very early to say if such a move will turn out to be a success since restaurants of certain regions are already under the impression that they won’t earn as many profits as they do during the day. But there is no doubt that a policy like this will lead to better the current employment stats. Besides, the other supporters like the online ordering apps will indirectly be affected as much as the shops and restaurants. Likewise, it is observed that few locations or regions with similar potential are already seeing this policy as a win-win situation.”

Hitesh Keswani, owner of Silver Beach Hospitality – Radio Bar, Estella, Silver Beach Cafe, Copa, Sirocco, The Terrace and Jantar Mantar and Nom Nom

“Living up to its reputation as the city that never sleeps, Mumbai will now have malls, multiplexes, shops and restaurants that can stay open 24×7. Nearly after three decades, this has finally come back to India & I as a restauranteur cannot be happier. Since Mumbai is a city that is active almost round-the-clock, having establishments open 24×7 is only going to benefit consumers, generate higher employment & of course business and overall trade. Having a business that runs around the clock helps individual owners like us to benefit from the incremental sales & pay off the exorbitant expenses that shadow businesses every month, besides of course having the city blaze with energy day & night. Mumbai has always been a hot favourite for tourists & now with this new initiative, I believe we will only rise higher!”

Ashish Mehta, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder & Director of Blanco, Bombay Cocktail Bar, February 30 and Oheka 

“The 24 x 7 opening of restaurants/cafes in Mumbai is a progressive move by the government. Any move that helps in increasing the business and commerce hours of any industry will help catapult the economy in the desired multi-trillion-dollar club. Though it’s too early to comment on pros or cons of the same as it will entirely depend on the feasibility and conversion of numbers to revenue in long run for restaurants/cafes but it is an advantage in favour of restaurant owners as now they have the liberty to decide the operational hours and broaden the revenue stream. This will positively impact the consumption pattern and also enhance the consumer experience as the opening of Restaurant and cafes is unrestricted and thus accessibility at odd hours is increased.’

Gaurav Shetty, Director, Gautham Hospitality

“Mumbai, often considered as the city that never sleeps will now have more of a reason to stay up with the new legislation passed in Mumbai city on 24 x 7 eateries. This will only add to the cities liveliness and give people a chance to explore and enjoy new places in the city post work on their own time. This is a good move by the government as it will create more jobs in the industry and help us to curate more experiences around food that were limited to the 1:30 am deadline posed earlier.

As a restauranteur, I am more than excited to welcome this change in terms of hospitality as it will broaden the consumer experience and allow us to decide what kind of services we want to provide our customers. I also believe this will give us more space to curate events and concepts that will add to the vibrancy of this city and give us more leeway to work on new verticles that were previously limited due to time restrictions.”

Ronak Rochlani, Owner of Kebia, LABEL and RR Events

The unrestricted opening hours of restaurants is a bold but very welcoming move to the restaurant industry in Mumbai. With the recent laws and taxes, it has been getting very difficult for restaurants and bars to sustain themselves thus leading to several of them closing shop and further leading to a loss of jobs and in return taxes and revenue to the city. The people of Bombay like to stay out till late especially on weekends without having been told what time they have to go home. This law lets the restaurants decide what timings work for them to sustain their business and their customers. This move will revive Bombay’s nightlife and bring back tourism to the city that never sleeps.

Riyaaz Amlani – CEO & MD of Impresario Handmade Restaurants 

“When it comes to all the restaurants under the Impresario Handmade Restaurants umbrella, we are excited to welcome this change to Mumbai’s after-hours economy. With the state government recognizing the true potential that Mumbai’s hospitality sector holds, this gives us a chance to embrace the consumer without deadlines. Upholding the respect and confidence of all the neighbourhoods we are present in, this move will be beneficial for everyone. What’s more, we’re ensuring we follow all safety norms and strictly enforcing the ‘no-alcohol post 1.30 am’ rule. Our female employees will also be given after-hours drop home”.

 Mr.Kaushal Shah, Partner, Vice Global Tapas Bar

Greenlighting eateries to stay on 24×7 is a positive move and a step forward in the right direction. We are the commercial capital of the country and most businesses are housed here in Mumbai. Work hours are odd and the peak traffic hours make it impossible for people to step out. Now people have the luxury and freedom to step out as per their convenience without worrying about getting back at sharp 1.30. Mumbai’s nightlife is what attracts tourists and this will definitely boost tourism too. There’ll be more job opportunities and employment generation.

Eateries and Retail outlets are under tremendous pressure to survive considering the ever-increasing competition and this decision to stay on  24×7 will help drive the sales and ensure sustainability for now and growth in the long term thereby Making it a win-win scenario.

The various opinions say that the hospitality industry is quite welcoming for the new law. They are hoping for other changes to take place soon. It seems like the new young government and the restaurants which host the young generation is on the same page. It is expected that this new initiative will increase tourism in Mumbai.