I-AM designs an intimate French Bistro experience for Rêve


I-AM, the international multi-disciplinary branding and interior design agency, was assigned the mandate to create a unique design identity for a new French Bistro Rêve located at Worldmark 1, Aerocity, Delhi. The mandate involved conceptualizing and executing the entire branding and communication concept for the new bistro with an aim to reflect the core vision of experiencing authentic classic French cuisine in a comfortable intimate space reflecting the exquisite charm and beauty of France to discerning patrons visiting the bistro.

The I-AM team was approached by the client with a mandate of designing a unique bistro space which would reflect the nostalgia of exotic vacations across France, or the dream to visit the country one day. The initial step involved the naming exercise, and after a series of brainstorming and ideation sessions, the name selected was Rêve, which means ‘dream’ in French.

I-AM conceptualized the entire creative design identity for Rêve which was inspired by the wrought iron balconies in France, often found integrated with modern architecture as well. The brand identity incorporated the unicorn, a legendary mythical creature associated with wish fulfillment, imagination, dreaminess and grace. The brand color was inspired from the oxidized copper domes often found in classical architecture across Europe.

The objective of the space design was to transport the customer back to nostalgic travel memories and special moments experienced in France, while maintaining a contemporary relevance. The idea was to immerse the customer in a space that feels like a friend’s living room in an old French quarter, filled with stories and memories gathered while travelling through Europe. The nostalgic clear globe dim lights add romanticism to the interiors and beautifully highlight the simple unfinished textures and patterns, creating for an intimate and exquisite dining experience.

I-AM adroitly played around with the structural element of arches which has always been a very integral architectural element in French architecture and has been widely incorporated into buildings and facades dotting the French landscape. The main dining space is divided in to two areas using a roughly textured semi-circular arched wall, which makes for a very intimate and cozy dining space. Planters with creepers added to the warmth of the dining area. The large picturesque watercolor sketch painted on the wall, leaves the diner with nostalgia and memories of an unforgettable journey through the French region.

Commenting on the Rêve Bistro design experience, Brian Pinto, Country Head, I-AM said, “We were delighted to receive the mandate to create the brand which involved everything including the brand nomenclature, brand identity visual language and the brand experience for Rêve. Re-creating traditional French charm by highlighting the unique French elements of wrought iron, classic arches and multihued watercolor paintings and murals was a challenging and remarkable journey for us. I am sure the old-world yet contemporary look of the bistro will resonate well with its customers and recreate the allure of authentic French travel experience for them.”

Commenting on the response the space has received, Ishan Yadav, Director of ICS Foods, said “I-AM was able to take our vision and create a story and an intimate experience. It is a unique restaurant within the market and our customers have been loving it.”


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