Importance of Composting in Bar Business


HospiBuz Desk

Trends play a major role in the Hospitality Industry. We try to implement all the trendy things in our business. Why not think of something which is both a trend as well as a necessity. Implement something which makes your business stand out of the industry. GO GREEN!!! A trend as well as a necessity. The world is becoming environmentally aware. It is easier to go green and is economical for the business. But how to implement it when you run a bar? Composting food waste is a solution. Such programs can help a bar or a restaurant go green. It will make your bar stand out of others.

Every year almost 1.3 billion tons of food waste contributes to the landfills in the world. Restaurants and bars are responsible for 40% of this waste globally. Composting is a solution to this problem. It allows the waste to return nutrients to the soil and can prevent landfills. Compost-Enriched soil eliminates the need for pesticides.

You can set a good example of your bar in the industry by doing so. And it is beneficial for your bar in other ways as well. It has financial benefits as well. Every day you have to pay money for waste removal from your bar or restaurant. At many places, the waste is measured by how much it will end up in landfills. Reducing the waste by this process can help you financially and you become a saviour of the environment.

There are some steps which need to be followed in a composting program:
In-house composting laws differ from place to place. You have to keep in mind the laws before starting such programs. Proper supplies like biodegradable bin liners and a shovel or a spade for turning the soil.

The bottom of the bin should be covered with soil before throwing waste in it. Add soil again. Adding earthworms can pace up the process. You should be sorted about what is suppose to be disposed of in the biodegradable bin.

Use a spade to turn the compost every few days and keep the pile moist for the microbes to remain happy. It can take months for the process to reach its result but the wait will be worth it.

Starting your composting program is not an easy task. It requires planning. You need to decide whether you compost will be entirely in-house or will it be a carry away service. Connect with the local composters and partner with them. A compost bin is not supposed to be outside your bar. Don’t spoil your business. Find the right place for its installation. Your team should be engaged in your initiative.a proper training would be required for your team to handle the composting program. Your program should be visible to the community. Educate them about their benefits. Engage your customers in this discussion.

Composting is not an overnight solution. But the benefits from it definitely overweigh the cost. A healthy environment should be among the top goals of your business.