In Conversation with The Cooking Queen of India – Chef Nita Mehta


Chef Nita Mehta, a multi-dimensional woman, who is just not limited to being a chef, but also a very famous author and a very successful entrepreneur. Chef Nita holds 500 cookbooks and international awards such as Best Asian Cookbook Award for Flavours of Indian Cooking at the World Cookbook Fair in Paris under her name. There is no stone that she has left unturned. As an Entrepreneur, she runs “Kelong” in Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Rohtak and owns two publishing companies known as SNAB Publishers Pvt Ltd and Nita Mehta Publications. She has launched her range of spices under the brand name of ‘Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta’. Now millions of her fans can tastes the Nita Mehta magic through her spices. She is an inspiration to all youngsters, especially women where she has proved, passion is the power to make impossible as possible. Let’s take some meaningful insights from her career and experiences that have brought her this success.

HospiBuz: Every successful person always has an inspiring story behind him/her. What was something that drove you towards cooking so much that you decided to take it professionally

Chef Nita Mehta : My passion for cooking made me create new recipes very often. The appreciation I received inspired me to look for opportunities in this field. Cooking classes was what I decided to do first, since all my friends and relatives wanted to learn my way of cooking. Since my recipes were simple and quick and yet the dish tasted great, there was no looking back.

HospiBuz: You are a Chef, Author and Entrepreneur, what is something you would associate yourself the most and what has something that has driven you to successfully manage all your ventures, theart of cooking and writing.

Chef Nita Mehta :  I am chef at heart, but now on entrepreneur as we have ventured into food products like anti-oxidant chocolates and Masalas. My Masalas have been carefully formulated to enhance the taste of food we are also into restaurants and I love doing menu engineering for my restaurants.

HospiBuz:  Being a food and nutrition advisor to schools and you have published books especially for kids. With fast food being a first choice for kids these days, how should parents and schools can ensure the proper nutrition and diet for kids, keeping in mind interest of children.

Chef Nita Mehta :  Reinvent fast food recipes to make them healthy by adding super food. Change way of cooking from frying to pan grilled. Also make the food look attractive so that the child feels like trying it.

HospiBuz: With cooking competition shows such as Master Chef India coming into the market now, people have the opportunity to showcase their talent even if they are not professional chefs. Do you think that career in culinary arts has evolved in India as compared to what it was 15-20 years and quality of education in this field has improved?

Chef Nita Mehta :  Yes definitely. Exposure to global cuisines has widened the scope.

HospiBuz: You have been judging in a number of competitions including Masterchef, Mallika-e-kitchen, etc, what is the foremost thing that you look in the dish of a contestant?

Chef Nita Mehta : Taste and then innovation.

HospiBuz: To all our aspiring chef’s, authors, entrepreneurs and readers what sort of advice would you like to give about following the passion and how to overcome difficult times during this phase.

Chef Nita Mehta : Never give up hope. Have your priorities right and be disciplined.                                 

Thank you so much for your prestigious time!!