Indian plant-based meat leader GoodDot introduces The 10 minutes “UnMutton Dhaba Curry Kit”


~The latest addition to GoodDot’s wide range of products, UnMutton Dhaba Curry Kit is set to redefine the traditional dhaba mutton curry~

~Rarely can one use the word disrupt in the ‘ready to cook food’ category!~

In a new step towards revolutionizing the vegan food industry, GoodDot, India’s leading plant-based meat manufacturer has introduced the new UnMutton Dhaba Curry Kit, a 100 % plant based replacement of Mutton Curry.

Owing to its multiple health benefits, the UnMutton Dhaba Curry is the perfect alternative to the actual mutton curry. With a perfectly balanced flavor of fragrant whole spices, this luscious plant-based delicacy can be paired with anything – from rice to your favorite bread. The UnMutton Dhaba Curry, packed with high protein & dietary fibers and zero cholesterol, lets you enjoy the goodness of the classic dhaba style mutton curry in a cruelty-free and healthy manner. Coming in a small and convenient travel-friendly packaging, the UnMutton Dhaba Curry takes only 10 minutes to cook, unlike traditional mutton curry which requires more than an hour of preparation time. All the ingredients to prepare the delicious curry is provided in the Kit and only cooking oil is needed externally. Amazingly no prior cooking skill is needed and anyone can cook this delicious curry.

GoodDot was born with the vision to provide the world with affordable plant-based meat alternatives using a production process that respects animals and the environment, and which is healthier. UnMutton Dhaba Curry Kit, the latest addition to their wide range of products, is set to disrupt the traditional mutton curry in more than one way.

“The 10 minute UnMutton Dhaba curry is a very unique offering from the house of GoodDot. Taste, ease of cooking and nutrition all have been taken into account while developing the product. Imagine making a really tasty Dhaba curry in just 10 minutes without having any need of prior cooking skills! All the ingredients needed to make the dish are present in the Kit and only vegetable oil is required from consumers. We are delighted to see the incredible response of this product from all over India. We extend our deepest gratitude to all our patrons who have showered so much love on this wonderful product.”

Abhishek Sinha, Co-founder and CEO at GoodDot.

Abhishek himself traveled from Udaipur to Bengaluru on a road trip and introduced the UnMutton Dhaba Curry to various restaurants and dhabas for trials and tastings. Not often does one find a Founder and CEO get on this very personal and direct sampling and marketing move.

GoodDot and the entire team, right from their CEO himself leave no stone unturned to ensure that they provide top-quality plant-based meat alternatives which not only replicate the taste but also the texture and flavors of real meat.

About GoodDot:

Udaipur-based GoodDot was founded in 2016 by Abhishek Sinha (CEO) and Deepak Parihar (CFO). At present, GoodDot’s manufacturing facility is in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and they have been serving delicious, affordable, and cruelty-free food globally. It is currently serving 100,000 meals per day through its various product lines which are 100% vegan. Their raison d’être is to drive compassion towards animals. GoodDot is revolutionizing the future of food whilst providing you with a compassionate and appetizing alternative.

The company has recently launched its flagship products in Canada, Dubai, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, and Singapore. They are also planning to launch their products in the US and European markets too in the near future. GoodDot through their subsidiary GoodDo already has quick service outlets in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, and Kathmandu.