Indulge in Tu Vuo Fa l’ Americano Food Fest only At Sorriso, Marriott Suites Pune


Experience an exquisite blend of American classic & enchanting Italian Flavors

Pune, 16th March 2020: Marriott Suites Pune is all set to host yet another unique food festival at its award-winning Italian specialty restaurant Sorriso. Our talented Italian Chef, Massimo Verzini and his team present an interesting fusion of classic American and traditional Italian food.

The two very popular cuisines coming together will create a firecracker of a menu.  Guests can feast on dishes like Spaghetti Meatballs, My Alfredo (Homemade angel hair pasta tossed with butter, puree of Mushrooms, Mushrooms sautéed, and pecorino cream), Chicken Parmigiana (Eggplant Parmigiana cut long, Chicken breast tagliata, tomato sauce and jus), American Pie (Calzone Pizza, caponata, Fiordiatte mozzarella, Oregano). The biggest surprise of the menu will be the pizza donut which is basically pizza dough stuffed with delicious custard cream & caramel sauce.

Head over to Sorriso and join us on this exciting journey of flavors only at Marriott Suites Pune.

Where: Sorriso, Marriott Suites Pune 

What: Tu Vuo Fa l’ Americano Food Fest’.

When: 13th March 2020 onwards, 07:00 pm onwards

Price: à la carte

Contact: +91 95616 05150 I 020 6683 7777