Inernational Chef’s Day at Auro University.


On the occasion of International Chef’s Day, Auro University School of Hospitality Management presented Chef Jerson Fernandes, Executive Chef of Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach a dynamic platform to engage aspiring hospitality professionals with ‘The Art of Food Plating’. 

With plant-based diets on the rise, the value of bringing knowledge via a workshop  with a focus on ingredients that benefit the planet and sustainability helped emphasize the theme ‘Healthy Food for the Future’ on International Chefs’ Day.  

According to Chef Jerson, art inspired presentations of food influence the diner’s perceptions and responses. The visual tasting experience adds to the complexity of the composition, and represents the culture of the food, through traditional or contemporary techniques.

Food presentation, Chef Jerson avowed is a reflection of the personality of the chef, and being artistic and original in plating, further amplifies  the delightful flavour experience.   With detailed principles of plate presentation being demonstrated, the importance of  communicating quality through the components of the visual aesthetics were reiterated.  

The interactive session concluded with essential wisdom: “plating is the final step of respecting  food to creating that final first impression.  

In the words of Amreesh Misra, Registrar and Head of School of Hospitality Management, AURO University, “By being able to see the structured process and not just the final product, on the plate made the session relevant, and the content comprehensive for the student community. A true collaboration that promotes ongoing learning, and an opportunity of the wealth of  knowledge and insights; from Chef Jerson Fernandes.”