Infusing Soul in Spirits


Hospitality Lexis had a conversation with Mr. Kishore Thapar, Director of Barsolutions LLP to know about the current bartending trends in weddings

Hospitality Lexis/ Print edition December 2019 

At The Wedding Bartenders, we understand every function is not only personal but emotionally important for a client (weddings being such an important event in the Indian family) but also unique in terms of what a guest may want to offer to his/her guests in order to make the occasion a memorable one. Hence each event is a new challenge and we try to understand the key focus areas, brand preferences, cocktail styles and drink presentation and staff service is of prime importance.

Bar menus, creatives, personalized glassware, drink names and recipes, garnishes are different from one function to the other to offer a different experience to all the guests while keeping in mind the client brief. The only constant is the smile and the never-ending enthusiastic service by our mixologists and respective teams.

In the season 2019-20 gin bars have made a huge comeback. Classic gin tonic bars but with a twist of flavours from unique bitters like Peychaud, celery or cherry to fruit infusions like fresh lavender, edible flowers, berries, citrus, cucumbers and herbs, this makes any day parties like mehndi functions a huge hit amongst the guests. Low sugar concoctions are also huge in demand as guests today are particular about not using flavoured syrups or high sugar content liqueurs. The theatrics on a bar using simple elements such as smoked spices, stamped & carved ice blocks, stamped peels with hashtags or freshly brewed infusions are always eye-catching and something guests want to have as a part of the selection. Liquor chocolates, molecular cocktails which were a big hit last season continue to be in demand by some. Also, new themes are trending especially for the afterparty.

Being in the beverage service industry there are times when you face situations you may not have planned for or foresee it prior. Being professionals and simply putting your experience to use to come up with the aptest solution to tackle is the best way to ensure the guest experience is not compromised. Wedding bars are very important because it’s not just another party and as a host one wants each of their guest to have the best experience hence if there is something that we may have overlooked as a human error we ensure to rectify it at the earliest, although a checklist for the bar, briefing prior to events and by always having stand by teams and an uninterrupted store supply for bar elements we have managed not to have any blunder as such since our inception.

To be honest, every day is a proud moment to start from the humble beginnings and now to work globally with the best in the business and to be the numero uno choice of not just the top event planners or catering units but also the biggest industrialists, business houses and corporates we take pride in our services and we wish we can continue to exceed guest expectations and continue to innovate and come up with new and fresh experiences for all our clientele.

The Wedding bartenders we believe is India’s premier beverage catering company focused on weddings and celebrations but at the heart of our operation lies our bar school “Cocktails and Dreams” which is where we groom every single bartender and they go through a rigorous bartending programme and then they intern in our beverage catering division well known as Barsolutions where the student gain hands-on experience of working behind busy concert bars, corporate parties, celebrity house parties, star graded hotels and the likes before they are hired for the premier wedding services offered by The Wedding Bartenders.

Most people in the trade are unaware of the fact that we started as a bar school and not just an event service and Cocktails and Dreams school continues to be the most important pillar on which our services are built and we have 10,000 successful alumni’s since its inception in 2005 and it has been growing. The wedding bartenders take pride in the fact that we are the most preferred solution for the top event planners, HNIS and caterers as “passion for perfection is our obsession”.

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