Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts Sprawling New Campus Inaugurated in Janakpuri


The new campus of the Institute of Bakery & Culinary Arts (IBCA) was inaugurated by Chef Vivek Saggar General Secretary of the Indian Culinary Forum. The event was also graced by various renowned chefs across the hospitality Industry. Meanwhile, the Indian Culinary Forum hosted a Culinary Competition at IBCA’s new campus.

“ICF’s aim is not merely recognition of talents but also empowering talents with latest culinary knowledge and skills which not only helps in career development but also helps the country by spreading the footprint of Indian cuisine around the world”.

Chef Vivek Saggar

He further said the hospitality industry is flourishing and growing exponentially. The Indian hospitality industry is also thriving and is known as the hub filled with global opportunities for bakery and culinary arts. Both culinary arts and bakery demand students to possess a love for food. Though bakery and culinary arts are interesting careers there’s a lot to learn if you wish to build a career.

“This celebration marks the culmination of many long hours of hard work and dedicated study that our students have so reverently put in to achieve this great success.  We are excited to be able to provide a whole new world of possibilities to our students where their personal and professional development is our prime responsibility for them to achieve new heights in their careers.

Dr. Chef Balendra Singh Director of IBCA

IBCA offers them all the resources they need to advance their amateur careers while receiving professional guidance. Our Bakery and Culinary Arts Instructors offer students their knowledge and years of experience, paving the way for them to advance their talents. We can provide our students with an international curriculum to give them the right exposure for equipping them with the highest standards.