Intellectual Insights by a Professor Chef

Chef Devashish Pandey

HospiBuz:- Chef, please tell us what inspired you to enter the culinary world?

Chef Devashish Pandey:- I am inspired by my elder brother who is also a hospitality professional and chose culinary as a profession in college day’s where culinary mentors helped me to understand the basics of food production. Regular Out Door Catering (ODC) in 5-star hotels gave me an idea about the function of food and service production department.


HospiBuz:- How does your experience as a chef help you teach and share practical insights with students?

Chef Devashish Pandey:- Genuine chef attributes and knowledge of cooking which was adopted from professional chefs of the hotel industry helps to impart knowledge in the students. A good chef gives equal preference to theory as well as practicals. Starting the class with basics of kitchen and then it goes moderate and till advance level as per the academic schedule. It helps students to understand the exact requirement of the kitchen.


HospiBuz:- As a professor of food production at Lovely Professional University, please tell us about your responsibilities there?

 Chef Devashish Pandey:- Entrusted with the responsibility of teaching students of hotel management. Acted as a key person in various food festivals. Coordinating and conducting various practical sessions for students. Assisting in planning and development of different food production areas. Preparation of budget for events.


HospiBuz:- Many people are entering the hospitality industry because of the pace at which it is growing. Please tell us how hotel management programs and Chef courses are helping the young generation who soon wish to become professionals in the industry?

Chef Devashish Pandey:- Culinary is all about the skills and imaginations. The young generation is very creative and passionate to try new things every day it helps them to able think out of the box. There are no limitations and restrictions in the culinary field and hospitality industry is one of the growing industry where opportunities are enormous for those who have zeal and passion to work as a hospitality professional.


HospiBuz:- It is said that the education which is given to aspiring chefs in the institutes are more theoretical than practical. What is your take on it? What is Lovely Professional University doing to improve this?

Chef Devashish Pandey:- Hotel management curriculum has more practical compared to theories because its skilled program where we showcase the real scenario of hotel and student able to understand the real culture of the hotel in terms of work and culture running there.


HospiBuz:- You have worked with the branded hotels, chef please tell us how their breakfast menu is designed and what is done for waste management?

Chef Devashish Pandey:- Breakfast was designed as per the clientele and there were fixed breakfast items which suppose to be in the breakfast menu. Section of Indian (which includes Paratha, Upma and Poha ) continental section(sausages, bacon and live egg station and pancake station). Breakfast we used to prepare as per the house count of the hotel and basic assumption of walk-in guest on a daily basis. More live counters and batch cooking helped us to avoid food wastage in the kitchen.

HospiBuz:- No matter where we are the essence of Indian food always remains in our hearts, Please tell us one thing about India and Indian Hotel kitchen that you missed abroad?

Chef Devashish Pandey:-Very f ew dishes of Indian cuisine and less equipment to prepare Indian food were always being missed and the valid reason was insufficient Indian clientele and to have full-fledged Indian cuisine in the kitchen we must have sufficient Pax and covers.



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