IRMS – A combined new force!


The government on Tuesday decides to consolidate the eight different services in Indian Railway Management Services (IRMS), the reconstructions is been made to create composition similar to a company board as part of a plan to put the state transporter in the right direction.

The current structure of the stronger railway board the top decision-making body is deliberated to smooth functioning and boost decision-making, while the progress to unite the eight services is directed to end turf war amid services. Currently, the board contains eight members.

Each of the members will represent their service, with the chairman being the prime amongst equals. Since 1905 the construction has remained unaltered. Under the new method, the chairman will have the CEO stamp assigned and be the final authority on all concerns. Furthermore, there will be four members, working on finance, infrastructure and rolling stock portfolios. There will also be director-general in-charge of human resources, who will also detail to the chairman and CEO. The board will have sovereign members, who will be specialists in areas such as finance, will be experts in fields such as finance, independent directors on corporate boards.