ITC comes up with luxury chocolate now !!


Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) has accelerated its expansion into the non-tobacco FMCG business.

FMCG is Fast Moving Consumer Goods which are daily used products with comparatively high sales volume and low price. It includes soft drinks, bread, toiletries, batteries, milk, chocolate, glassware, light bulbs and grocery items.

ITC expansion plan is especially for packaged food and personal care. This is to overcome descending cigarette sales.

Recently ITC has come up with a luxury chocolate segment brand Fabelle. It will be sold through boutique stores in its luxury hotels.

Boxes of the assorted chocolates will be sold at Rs 1,000 each. The chocolates will be manufactured in Bengaluru.

ITC is hoping to create luxury chocolate market in the country. The chocolate has undergone a decade of product development by the diversified company’s food division. ITC has hired international chefs and chocolatiers for this purpose.

The launch of premium chocolates target alongside Mondelez and Swiss chocolatier Lind.