ITC Maratha with Mumbai Mum Tribe hosted ‘Cot Napping Event’ on World Sleep Day


On the occasion of World Sleep Day, ITC Maratha hotel in Mumbai curated a mindful engage for young and expecting mothers with expert panellist, enlightening about ITC Hotels Sleeep Program and creating discussion around ‘Infant Sleep Care’.

Mumbai, 17th March 2023: On the occasion of World Sleep Day ITC Maratha in Mumbai brought to life the groups most immersive Sleeep Program through an activation designed for young mothers on ‘Personal & Infant Sleep Care’. A fun interactive engage was seen through in collaboration with Mumbai Mum Tribe- a leading mom community of the city; through handpicked expert panelist comprising of Infant Sleep Consultant, Kanga Body Movement Trainer, Celebrity Mom, Nutritionist and Certified Pre-Natal Yoga Consultant.

In the immersive engage groups Sleeep Program that includes Sleeep ensemble, sound essential. Headspace essential, Sleeep inducing culinary offerings, Sleeep oils, personal care products and Sleeep Boutique product line of Home Collection, Infant Collection and Bath Collection were showcased under one experience zone for the guests; as the hotel hosted the first ever open house for Sleeep Boutique.

Experts like Dr.Ankita Shah-Pediatric Dentist and Infant Sleep consultant, Pooja Jambotkar- certified postnatal kanga trainer & country leader, Priya Ahuja the actor mom & trend Influencer, Bhakti Kapoor the Nutritional and Wellness Expert & Ms. Prerna Sinha, Certified Yoga Instructor shared light on topicals like; how to create better sleep patterns for infants and toddlers, melatonin Inducing dietary essential, body movement and technology aversion for REM sleep cycle and more.

“The group has made large stride by continuously working on the Sleeep Program with a dedicated effort to enhance the sleep experience for our guests’. From being one of the pioneers in creating a Sleep-Inducing Culinary Menu to designing rooms features like Black Out Curtains & Soundproof windows with an optimised 35Db Decibel levels in rooms at the headboard / pillow level, keeping all ambient sound disturbances at bay. Our effort in this sensorial essential is a true mark of how ITC Hotels continue to create Responsible Luxury for our guests to enjoy. The latest addition of Sleeep boutique featuring over fifty Linen & Personal Care amenities in Home, Infant & Bath ranges are first in its form to enjoy hotel like slumber at home. I am happy that through this engage we could create mainstream and meaningful conversations on personal sleep care for young mothers.”

Mr. Atul Bhalla, Area Manager (West & East Region ITC Hotels) and General Manager, ITC Maratha

“We do see that for women and young mothers managing their work life balance is a challenge, sleep deprivation with erratic diet routine is one of the leading reasons for fatigue; and in our endeavor to create insightful sessions that can help young mothers better this collaboration with ITC Hotels on World Sleep day gave us just the right opportunity to treat our community members with a holistic day out.”

Ms.Priyanka Bharwani & Mrs.Yuvika Abrol founder of Mumbai Mum Tribe


Inadequate sleep due to disorders, work schedules and chaotic lifestyles continues to threaten both health and safety. American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recommend that the average adult should sleep seven or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health. Research says that during COVID pandemic, 40% of people from the general population faced sleep problems. To address these issues, a ‘Sleeep Boutique’ has been opened by ITC Hotels in multiple location with a larger experience centres being in ITC Maratha, Mumbai and ITC Maurya, Delhi.

ITC Hotels Sleeep Journey commenced in 2018 in an endeavour to provide a better quality of sleep. ‘Sleeep Boutique’ concepts were introduced from 2021 were special experience boutique showcased sleep ensemble and bed amenities with dedicated menus on Home Collections, Bath Collection and Infant Collection. Guests can experience the best sleep experience trying all this and can take the best sleep accessories for home. This is evident in the several initiatives including optimised decibel level in the room, innovative lighting such as the anti-stumble lights, the right shower pressure, sleep music channel, etc.

The ‘Sleeep Ensemble’ are placed in the ITC One room category and above, at all luxury collection hotels. It consists of – Pillow Menu, Sleeep Menu, Sleeep Booklet, eye mask, pillow mist for sound sleep and essential oils for relieving stress. Essential oils are natural remedies for occasional sleeplessness. The Pillow Mist can help a guest relax before bedtime and ease restlessness.

For a restful sleep: This delicate blend of pure essential oils that includes steam distilled Indian rose, cardamom, grapefruit, lavender, nutmeg, patchouli, calms the senses and induces sleep. For Stress Relief: A blend of pure essential oils including steam distilled lime, lavender, peppermint and lemon, uplifts the senses and eases anxiety.